Fiery Info (1st Place, Blackstone Owl Store Champs)

Manticore 125

This tournament was held on December 10th, 2016, with 24 players, 4 rds. swiss and cut to top 8. Nothing exciting about this deck; it's one card different from @beyoken's Worlds list, with -1 Observe and Destroy for +1 Best Defense, which I never played. Shoutout to him for designing & publishing such a cool deck.

After having played it, I think it's a fair bit worse than it was at Worlds and probably loses to anyone with On The Lam, but I was able to beat a Power Tap / Citadel Sanctuary deck (that didn't have On The Lam) with 24/7 / Closed Accounts / Hard-Hitting News followed up by an eventual Exchange / Archived / Exchange.


2 wins, 1 timed win in Swiss, plus an ID (vs. Citadel Andy, Iain Stirling, & Stealth Kit)

1W-0L in the cut. (vs. Citadel DLR Andy)