GVC Palana - 2nd place, Gaming vs. Cancer 2017

Brogue Leader 72

This Palana deck is what I took to the 34-player 2017 GvC tournament, which used an unrotated cardpool with MWL 1.2, and randomly assigned a corp and runner identity to each participant. It went 5-1 in Swiss (there was no cut), beating Whizzard, Null, Nero, Khan, and Nasir, and only losing to a relentless and well-piloted onslaught of Reina shenanigans.

The spicy 1-ofs, Ark Lockdown and Best Defense (Best Card), proved their worth multiple times over the course of the day. Most notable was Best Defense trashing Whizzard's desperately-dug-for Magnum Opus the turn after it was installed as soon as God of War had accumulated enough tags, while Ark Lockdown wiping out Null's only copy of Black Orchestra on turn 2 ended up being pretty decisive when I realised it was, in fact, the only one. And those cards aren't banned, so if there's anything you take from this writeup, let it be that. You don't need me to say Caprice is good.

Only Miraju proved to be a notable mistake, as I played against exactly one Shaper and they weren't running Indexing. Would have preferred more tax or another hard ETR to dissuade Account Siphons from Criminals and Anarchs, had I had the clairvoyance to know the field I would be matched against. As it stood all it was was a bluffed useless piece of ice in front of Sandburg.