[throwback] Midseasons Outfit

nbkelly 923

I'm going to be (trying to) publishing a list a day for two weeks, in anticipation for my upcoming New Year, Old Cards throwback tournament.

Midseasons outfit was the first eternal corp I played, in the 2019 online eternal tournament, where it (somehow) won three out of four games - beating a DDoS/Siphon/Vamp maxx (which I now know to be minh maxx), a Medium/Blackmail Val, and a Keyhole-Parasucker siphon list.

In that tournament, it lost to a Data Leak Reversal val. It was genuinely my first time seeing just about any of these cards.

For that list, I (partially unknowingly) picked some cards that were really good against the meta: Under the Bus kills film critic dead, so your opponents have to actually steal agendas (or mill you), which means you get to play Midseason Replacements.

One of the cool things about Midseason Replacements is that New Angeles City Hall is actually an effectively blank card against it. It will always be cheaper for the runner to trace than to pay to avoid tags, so if you can maintain any economic lead, the premium runner tag tech is worthless. No One Home, however, completely rains on your parade (the more tags you want to give them, the easier it is for them to beat the second trace).

Swordsman is there to stop the two most egregious eternal breakers, Aumakua and Mammon. Unlike in the eternal list, there's an actual cohesive agenda suite this time - you do actually have a threat of scoring out, instead of just being able to pretend. Another cool thing NISEI did was give us Restructure back, but in the correct color this time, and with the single best netrunner girl on the art too!

Jam behind taxing and cheap ICE, abuse your ID for economy, and then punish the runner when (if) they decide to play the agenda game at all. I think this list might be weak vs. strong shaper lists, or lists that pack No One Home, but other than that I think it's a pretty solid throwback list.