NooB MaxX

radishcat 65

I've been playing for nearly three months now and thought it was time to take the plunge at my first at my first competitive Netrunner event. I went 3-1 with this MaxX deck along with 1-3 on the corp side for a 4-4 record and 5th place out of 10.

I didn't want to straight up netdeck, but this was heavily inspired by the popular NetrunnerDB MaxX decks. According to the definitions here I guess this is control MaxX. The most similar deck is probably Bendy MaxX.

I played various iterations of this deck for around six weeks (generally playing once a week), so I was reasonably comfortable with it by the time the event rolled around.

The general plan is that Indexing and Maw give me the accesses to win, and all the economy + Stimhack lets me camp the remote.

This deck has 2 Levy AR Lab Access AND Rebirth along with 3 Same Old Thing because I messed up my recursion more times than I'd like during practice.

Aumakua makes the deck play quite differently, but it's been influential in those games it shows up (especially early), so I'm happy to keep it.

The Turning Wheel and Ice Carver were the fringe cards which didn't quite make the cut.

1) Beat Titan 7-3. I installed Maw early and managed to mill 4 points, including an Atlas into archives. Went to 5 points when I Mad Dashed archives. I Indexed, then ran HQ again for the win, not understanding about the Atlas shuffle my opponent had. But then I got lucky and accessed another agenda.

2) Beat PE 8-2. R&D didn't get effectively iced and I won off of three indexings in a very short game.

3) Lost to Spark 7-6. This was a long game. I got to the point where I thought I was in control, even after having my economy wrecked after a HHN. I had 6 counters on Aumakua. But when I Stimhacked the remote for what I thought was the game I ran into Little Engine, a card I was barely aware existed, and couldn't get in.

4) Beat Harmony 5-4. I was comfortable that I'd established control and my opponent couldn't score, but whiffed on a couple of Indexings. and the game went to time. I stupidly tried to go for the full win during my final turn and nearly came undone with a couple of Shi.Kyu in archives. I took -1 point off one of them and lost my whole hand to the second.

Overall I was very pleased with my runner performance on the day. I only lost one game, and could have won that with a different approach to the final turn. That and the archives run against Jinteki were the two misplays that stick in my mind.

Since I'm a new player I welcome any feedback. Thanks for reading this far!

6 May 2018 radishcat

I took part in a second GNK a week later, with an identical list, and went 2-3, along with 2-3 corp for 15th place out of 20.