Arella Jukebox - 3rd @ NorCal Regional, 1st in Swiss

pj20 1454

This is basically the deck I played at US Nationals, with the only swap being Arella for Calibration.

Write-up of that deck here:

This deck went 4-2 on the day but both losses were extremely good games. I still think that Asa is one of the more underutilized ID's in the game.

My only tip is remember that Divide and Conquer is a card, and make sure you ice archives.

26 Jul 2018 Manadog

How was arella on the day? Did you often find you had the agenda or was it mostly other installs?

26 Jul 2018 pj20

@Manadog it was underwhelming, but did come in handy during 1 of the 6 games. While I was testing it, it was really helpful for either getting an agenda or baiting a run on a Rashida. I used it twice to install ice, which was ok I guess.

My next iteration of the deck will cut the Arella for a Biovault and a Crisium, probably also cutting a Jeeves. Don't hold me to that tho lol