Siphon Whiz - 1st Place London BABW 2017

beyoken 6079

Went 8 - 0 on the day. Not an optimal list, but gets the job done.

For more info and playthrough watch my video!

25 Mar 2017 tonybluehose

Eater! I've now seen Whizzard with everything :) Can't wait to check the videos out! Curious to see if Mad Dash did the work you wanted/expected.

25 Mar 2017 clercqie

If people don't expect it, Siphon Whizz always crushes. Planned Assault for Mad Dash seems aces! :D

25 Mar 2017 LynxMegaCorp

1st place with a Whizzard / Siphon / Faust / Parasifr list? Amazing!

25 Mar 2017 rwhesq

Awesome been wanting to try Keyhole with Mad Dash given all the Virus/Medium hate seemingly around. Any thoughts on changes you would make to improve the deck, I'd love to find room for Counter Surveillance in particular, as it looks like the most interesting card out of the new pack.

25 Mar 2017 rwhesq

Also I had to swap out the 1x Liberated for a Kati in my TemuWhiz, always felt better (for longer games) but obviously not an option in a tag me strategy. Any thoughts on econ options there because somehow I've never felt good playing and clicking liberated :S

25 Mar 2017 beyoken

@rwhesq If you're going tagme as TemuWhiz I think you're doing something wrong ;) If you love going tagme that much, toss all the resources and hop on the Siphon Whiz train! Choo choo!

26 Mar 2017 gozik

Did you miss spooned or other cultery through the day?

26 Mar 2017 beyoken

@gozik Not at all. Just drop Parasites!

26 Mar 2017 JackMade

Why did you pick Hacktivist Meeting over Rumor Mill ? Seems like a natural fit against Jackson Howard and even defensive Upgrades if someone still plays those. Street Peddler with 22 Events seems ambitious too.

26 Mar 2017 beyoken

@JackMade You almost never reach the bottom of your deck anyway, so a dead Peddler (~1/8th chance) isn't a big deal. Can't overstate how important card draw is. Hacktivist is a tech card.

26 Mar 2017 Conduit23

Dig it. What would you cut for Counter Surveillance?

27 Mar 2017 Cerberus

If you don't like Peddler in this list you can change to Making an Entrance. I believe Peddler to be worth it as you have so much recursion that putting a siphon in the bin is normally a good thing.

The UK meta is full of NEH asset spam currently and so the Hacktivist was to assist with that as its a tough match up otherwise.

The thing this list is missing is Wanton Destruction and I believe it to be a mistake and should be included.

Good work Ben, keep fighting the good fight ;)

29 Mar 2017 Qris

Really nice list! Since we already do Eater-fueled Siphoning, what do you think about also including Vamp for double the punishment and more Keyhole openings? Or would it be too much of a strain on the economy? Also, can you explain a bit more how to play this deck, for the beginners like myself? Especially what is your strategy dealing with tags, from Account Siphon and also observer ICE like Data Raven or Hunter?