Defund Mel Gibson (BLM Tournament 10th, 4-2)

greyfield 3902

6 cards from a stock GameNET glacier list. The differences:

  • 3rd Surveyor: I think these are critical to make sure your remote run costs reach exponential levels and dilute Boomerangs. In my opinion having a Surveyor is more important than having a defensive upgrade.
  • 1 Degree Mill: I fear Turntable more than I fear having to spend extra clicks advancing the Degree Mill (in part because of Old Hollywood Grid). Plus Degree Mill's turn 1 immunity is not nil.
  • 2 Crisium Grid: Luxury add because we're in GameNET now. Not playing Bio Vault means we need additional speedbumps for Apocalypse and these are nice and flexible.
  • 2 Old Hollywood Grid: The best defensive upgrade in NBN, which isn't saying much, but the loss of Film Critic means this card is less inherently reprehensible, and is especially a beating against opponents who have 0 points. Spending 5c to end the run and force an upgrade trash is often cheaper than Ash.

As it happens, I'm bad at playing against Apocalypse, so [shrug].

I hardly used Daily Quests all day and wonder if there's some advantage to trimming the Tollbooths to downsize the ice (Enigma, perhaps) and play different economy and potentially one or more Attitude Adjustment and/or more defenses.

4-2 on the day. Beat Kit, MaxX, Val, and Leela. Lost to Hoshiko Apocalypse (was asleep at the wheel) and Lat Apocalypse (missed on 4 draws to complete a bankruptcy-inducing R&D stack). A better player than I would have won at least one of those games. Inconveniently for me, only one person decided not to play top 8.