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Kikai 429

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

12 Feb 2019 DonLoverGate

Something I've been doing was swapping the Shrike for a Mongoose and the Tycoon for a Corroder - what do you think on that?

Also, does Spear Phishing improve our MTI matchup? Do we really need Mke AND TW? Feel like a Stimhack and (arguably janky) Oracle may could do us better, though I do see the power of seeing an agenda to bounce the remote agenda.

Cool that you're still working on this after the restriction. Any currents worth considering?

12 Feb 2019 Kikai

I think of Aumakua as the main fracter - Tycoon is only there in case of emergencies, so spending 2 inf on Corroder seems like a bit of a waste (to me). I wouldn't drop GS Shrike M2 for Mongoose, the numbers are way worse and you risk getting locked out by stacked surveyors / news hounds.

The thinking behind the The Maker's Eye was to enable you to try for an agenda bounce when the Corp IAAs a remote that you don't like the look of. Arguably, Stimhack would allow you to just run the remote... so dropping a Spear Phishing and a Makers for 2 x Stimhack seems like a strong swap out.

Spear Phishing should help with Mti, which is an especially difficult matchup without Employee Strike. Combine with No One Home to dodge Anansi like a pro.

There is only one criminal current worth considering, but I don't think that you need it. Your economy isn't resource dependent, so Scarcity of Resources isn't a huge deal.

13 Feb 2019 DonLoverGate

I was thinking of Interdiction to counter NGO play, but you should be able to threaten the ruseout with R&D runs I suppose. Still, could be good for econ denial.

I see the value in Shrike I suppose, but what Sentries get run these days? Surveyor/News Hound are better broken by Shrike, Anansi is the same cost for both, Shrike does deal with the Gagarin Sentry very well, although Mongoose is generally fine there as well.

How much weaker would you say the deck is now?

Thank you for explaining your choices, I think I understand it now. It is an odd world we live in where the only breaker Criminals import is a Killer, and the only breaker Shapers import is a Decoder.

13 Feb 2019 Kikai

You already have 3 x Falsified Credentials to deal with ruses, I don't think that you'll find Interdiction particularly useful.

The only Sentry of note that I think you missed is Archer, which is, again, broken cheaper by Shrike (and avoids lockouts).

Which Decoder does Shaper import? I would have presumed either Engolo or Refractor.

Tbh, if you have the influence, you could even consider playing Engolo in criminal. The combination of Special Order + Engolo + Inside Job/Spear Phishing is terrifying.

I would say that losing Employee Strike has made the deck significantly weaker against Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future, and Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved. I would also say that losing Dorm Computer makes the deck slightly weaker against Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed, and any corp using IP Block.