Body Parts and Things That Go On Body Parts

internet_potato 938

Downfall printed two new cards in the "draw cards and do stuff" mode! So I've got to revisit this ridiculous archetype. As a bonus, here is a fun and mildly-thematic write-up.

The Workout Plan

First things first: put your Glove on. Build up a pile of money and threaten rush attempts with your Leg and Hand strength. Put on your Fancy Hat and try to get 4 points with Bullshit Indexing. Camp the remote while you build up for more R&D steals. Wiggle your Future Fingers at the last possible moment-- but if you suspect Ark Lockdown or Chronos Project it can be worth firing as soon as you have Comet + a pseudo-AI out.

Other card choices

  • Super-Head is good at helping you pile up events for efficient play, stealing Obokata protocol, absorbing a stunning amount of meat damage, or defusing Complete Image combos. It also makes it easier to play HHHNGH Faaaaace in match-ups where that is otherwise a death sentence.
  • Face helps to smooth out your income if you don't get an early mitten or for turns where you want to draw before you play your first event.
  • Cool Makeup and Peace in Our Time help for games where you have to durdle a little while.

Non-Thematic notes

  • I rarely install Na'Not'K. It might be better as a Deus X or for more pseudo-AI support (Pelangi, additional copies of breakers/SMC, or Cerberus "Lady" H1 to augment Laamb and because she is a nice doggy).
  • Modded only has 6 full-value targets total, and really only 3 once you have Comet down. The main advantage that it brings to the table is being able to use the comet click to install a card (with the discount being a secondary consideration). That is sometimes important but probably doesn't justify the slot, especially since you can't clear Cache between modded and Spec Work if you are using comet.
  • When I have a spare influence and a spare slot, I normally add a Stimhack or Utopia Shard. I'd lean towards shard at the moment as this deck doesn't have any direct HQ pressure otherwise and it helps to tank combo-based decks.
19 Apr 2019 CodeMarvelous

10/10 would Super-head again!

20 Apr 2019 Grimwalker

Whistleblower actually justifies its influence with Insight for 1 inf.

23 Apr 2019 internet_potato

@Grimwalker good call. I've been trying some changes based on Armored Ascetic's modifications and notes and that gave me some slots. I haven't tested enough with it to say for sure, but I really like Whistleblower so far.