Grind to Conquer - 1st place at Bologna Regional

BigPopp 25

This deck went 3-1 in Swiss (that one loss was very unfortunate) and 2-1 in Top 8. I didn't play two games because of a drop. I have always wanted to win a tournament with PE for emotional and intimate reasons, and when Sting! came out i knew this could have been possible. I checked several lists on this site, till i found "Death by million cuts" by Greek Geek. I tried several versions, then Francesco D'alessio (Baralai) and Pietro Galliazzo (mao) helped me to create the final version of this beast, which is a toolbox of evil shenanigans teched against any runner deck you can find in the meta right now (maybe i will take Psychic Field to 3).

WARNING: this is a strong deck, but in order to play it in tournaments against strong opponents you have to pilot it decently or you will lose all the (lovely) mind games that will happen between you and your opponent. You should love risky moves, anxiety and faking body language to make the runner perceive what you want (and make him or her fail).

Card choices: Sting! is a beast in this deck, can close you games. Philotic can close you games (in combo with shi.kyu). Chronos Project can remove from the game what you don't want (ex. anarch breakers or even clot). Breached Dome: use it to test the runner, if he usually run on remotes or let them alone is a super important information. Then you can install anything on it and put them in archives. Psychic Field is here because of 419. Shattered remains because of feedback filter mainly, but is useful to trash console and other hardwares. Ark Lockdown is similar to Chronos Project. Biotic Labor can win you games (in combo with philotic, Sting! or Chronos Project). Stock Buy-Back will make you tons of credits when you need them most. Voter Intimidation for Film Critic and Caldera mainly. Wake up Call for Film Critic and other interesting things. If the runner sees it he or she will not trash your traps. Swordsman is a tech card against 419. Anansi is a tech card against 419 with Nexus and a big punishment for any runner.