[Startup] Wreck it Reina

cryotube 86

Built and tested for Startup Format.

Reina is here to solve all your ICE problems and set fire to the corp's defenses.

Deck ideas/strategy:

  • This is an opportunistic deck that runs a lot of combos with the ultimate goal of draining the corp dry of credits while ensuring they can't safely score their agendas. Ideally their credits will be pushed so low that they will have to make hard choices between rezzing ICE, advancing agendas, or having enough credits to play econ cards. When their economy stabilizes we need to rely on ICE destruction/derezzing to continue pressuring the corp.
  • this deck runs very few breakers, relying mostly on running when the corp won't be able to rez, and generating enough pressure that we will draw into the breakers we need eventually. (Trash or derez ICE that you can't break)

  • Deck milestones:

    • Mulligan: look for early econ cards, Tread Lightly, and Gachapons to dig for our resources. Starting with Paladin Poemu or Mystic Maemi is excellent. Avgustina Ivanovskaya is also an excellent card for starting pressure while not being too taxing economically.
    • Keep corp credits low. We want to take advantage of the ID's tax early on when we don't have a rig for the corp to shoot. Ideally we want to keep HQ ICE unrezzed unless we have a means of getting rid of the ICE in hand (Tranquilizer, or Devil Charm and Chisel for permanent trashing). Don't hesitate early on to facecheck R&D ICE to drain the corp.
    • Be very selective of when you run, and which ICE you want the corp to rez. Without the Chisel/Charm combo or Tranquilizer in hand or the corresponding breaker set up, ICE that is rezzed will likely stay up for a while. However, with Xanadu up and Tranquilizer, you can get a lot of value when derezzing an expensive ICE.
    • burst econ in this deck is quite high compared to most corps, especially early on. You can afford to trash key econ assets or region cards that you spot, but you'll have to be the judge of that. Paying a few extra credits to make it even harder for the corp to rez ICE later can pay off very well early on.

Card choices:

  • Use Simulchips in combination with Fermenter trashing itself to recur Chisels or Tranquilizers from your heap as necessary. You can also trash Tranquilizers that have served their purpose.
  • Rejig is a Magnet tech card as well as a way to recycle Tranquilizers/Chisels on ICE that is no longer relevant.
  • Cookbook is a card choice that is largely there to speed up Fermenters and Tranquilizers. (Fermenter becomes 5 creds for 2 clicks/1 card after only 1 turn, Tranquilizers activate after only 1 turn.)

What we do each turn as a runner largely depends on what cards we draw - we are looking for windows of opportunity to generate pressure.

  • most notably, Tread Lightly is an excellent card for this ID and can be used to either invade a remote that you are certain holds an agenda, or to trash ICE over HQ if you have En Passant in your hand. It also combos with Emergency Shutdown to derez ICE over another server.
  • Most ICE destruction should be targeted over HQ in the event that an opportunity arises to use Chastushka. The corp is forced to either take a massive tempo hit (no cards) or unknowingly dump agendas into Archives which should be relatively unprotected. Don't hesitate to run HQ again after Chastushka if no agendas have been scored in a while, especially if a strange number of cards was picked to discard from HQ.
8 Nov 2022 Vacilotto

Nice one, I'm going to run it a little on jnet.