Neo Astro Butler 2.0 (1st at Perth Regionals 2019)

raikhan 102

I was not really clear on what corp deck I wanted to bring to this tournament. Did quite a bit of testing of various archetypes, but in the end the one I had most fun with was the same asset spam NEH I played in the Store Champs earlier this year. I realize that calling NEH asset spam fun may make me a bad person but...

I made two tweaks: replaced vanillas with wraparounds to slow down turtles a bit and dropped one enigma for a third DBS. The latter change was because I noticed I discarded ICE often playing the deck last time and DBS is another must trash asset so it should be included to the max.

Deck went 3-0 (had a bye and ID'd into the cut) on the day. It beat Val, Pawnshop Hayley and Comet Lat in the cut.

Runner was a standard Pawnshop Hayley

1 Sep 2019 Havvy

Loving the deck! Does this have an answer to Surfer / Laamb combo?

1 Sep 2019 raikhan

@Havvy honestly, I don't know - our meta likes to stay away from "top decks" so I didn't get the chance to play against it. I would say that Surfer is completely irrelevant because this deck almost never has 2 ice servers. Laamb however is a problem because it breaks Tour Guide and EULA for cheap. In the end it would be about who gets out of the gates faster. Setting up 3 Rezekis is great money but it may not be enough to keep the asset contained. I won a game against Hayley that started with 2 Paricias: I had to protect a few key assets with some ice and was able to get more assets out than he could handle. I'm sure it can go the other way if NEH has a slower start