CEO of Pollution - 3-2 APAC 2022

osintelligence 53

This is my corp I took to my first official Nisei event. I would firstly like to thank all my opponents as I had a really enjoyable time and was offered some great retrospective advice along the way.

My runner was a modified Metabreaker Wu (not many surprises there) and can be found here.

CEO of Pollution

How it Performed: I went into this tournament optimistic about the decks overall performance. In summary, it played against ControLat twice, and lost twice (once against @Sokka234 in round 2 and in the 241 against iceprisma in round 5), coming out victorious in all other matchups, being two Metabreaker Wu's and a Twinning Smoke.

The Power of Ob: This ID has some amazing search interactions. Searches for Arella Salvatore or Regolith Mining License by popping a Mavirus at the end of the runners turn. Depleting a Regolith to install a Malapert. All of these interactions build out a highly efficient scoring/bait remote. Allowing you to FA, search for exactly what you need with Malapert, be it ice or NGO Front depending on the gamestate and using Arella to throw it down wherever you see fit. There are more layers and combinations than I could possibly list, and that is what this deck comes down to; flexibility.

What I found: Playing this deck against some formidable runner decks (namely Lat), the cracks really started to show. The two SDS Drone Deployment showed up more often than I would have liked and were often hit off stargate runs, allowing for a quick 4-points for the runner with Mad Dash. Standoff was an average include, when it was scored it made for good ammunition for Archer however it's scoring effect (whilst very amusing in Ob) was merely a Harbinger target for Reavershop decks. Wake Up Call was there for boat, I think across the 5 rounds with 5 boats, it fired once. Still don't know how to slow those pesky boat runners down...

Possible Changes:

The slot for SanSan City Grid could be exchanged with Calibration Testing, allowing for it to be more easily (and clicklessly) searched. Ice suite felt okay, I am actually a huge fan of Sandstone with 3x Mavirus and a great search target from Border Control, the utilisation of influence on ice was entirely dependent on what I thought I might encounter (Engolo and Na'Not'K dislike Drafter. Subroutines on Drafter and Bran (when fired) could recur a lost BC.
28 Aug 2022 xxCoolguy9001

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