Spanish Spombo

Longi 1445

Basicaly Pinsel´s deck Pinsel´s deck from German Nats. I only did two minor changes. I switched the Cyberdex Virus Suite for another Vanilla as the later is useful always. Then I switched one Game Changer for Biotic Labor as the later is cheaper, not trashable, not conditional and mostly I needed one more click anyway.

11 Mar 2020 Krasty

@Longiis playing some kind of combo deck.. I think is just confirmation that world is going to the end! :o)
(and yeah I know it is not pure combo deck, can be played as rush, tempo, whatever...)
btw how was results, do you remember?

11 Mar 2020 Longi

@Krasty Hey man, I am not at all sure about the results since it was my deck for Friday´s KoS. I think 50/50 because I played it as a rush deck anyway :D