Critic & Boomerang Girl (4 - 6)

5N00P1 643

I was running this together with my Reverse Casino Station on the Hamburg Online Store Champ & International Net Quarantine.
I was looking for a deck and wanted to try some Film Critic Hoshiko as Bellona is a pain to steal and giving the credits for SSL Endorsement feels painful and there are so many other agendas worth putting them on Critic.
This deck went 4 - 6 at both tournaments where it was 2 - 4 at Net Quarantine and 2 - 2 in Hamburg. Where my feeling was at Net Quarantine I was a bit unlucky while Hamburg was feeling like playing top 8 at German Nats... so 2 - 2 feels ok.

Deck Design

This is based on my previous Hoshiko build, but I wanted to include Film Critic. As a result I removed the 1x remaining Bravado as it felt to situational. The other includes are Corroder, Citadel Sanctuary and No One Home and Ice Carver as it helps especially against Mausolus & Surveyor.

Games International Net Quarantine

To be honest I can't remember them in detail besides I should have installed No One Home when I could instead of being greedy....

Games Hamburg

Game 1: against Vokke on Jemison Astronautics

First time I won because the corp was decked.
This was a crazy game, Jemison forfeits agenda like other corps HHN you, but there was a time, when I was on 6 points, he on 1 point and 5 points out of the game. I was able to get to 6 points, but lost a Stargate to an Archer. But was able to Hippo it to get R&D accesses. Ran a Snare! bounced into a 3x Advanced Mausolus and was dancing with the death. I was a bit to greedy and at the end I won by Stargating the last card on R&D. It was a game totally on the edge and even losing would have felt good, it was so intense, thank you @Vokke! Won (1 - 0)

Game 2: against CableCargnage on Sportsmetal

Not sure, but he was so rich, had so much ICE, everything felt perfect while I was not able to get my econ running. So he rushed me out 7 - 0 (or very close to it). Very well done!
Lost (1 - 1)

Game 3: against Saan on The Outfit

He told me he lost everything with Outfit so far as all his agendas on top of R&D.
Usually this should end, but no, he was on Jinja City Grid and left R&D open so I installed Stargate and went to town, trashing his ICE while giving him econ & stealing his agendas. I think I won in turn 3.
Won 2 - 1

Game 4: against Percomis on Asa Group

Man what a game, I was on 5 points when he was comboing out. It was intense but my econ was not coming into the game. Stargate was letting me down not giving me a single Project Vacheron which would have closed the game. I think I made my mistakes which I should have avoided.
Lost 2 - 2


The 2nd Stargate is worth it, as you find it usually quite early and in same matchups you can play it turn 1.
Would also love to include Liberated Account but was not able to find slots for it.