Top Hat Lat (2nd at Iberian Lockdown 4)

ArminFirecracker 554

Quite a few cards were banned in the tournament, like Film Critic and Stargate. So expected a lot of damage decks which was a correct guess. Falsified Credentials and Insight with Top Hat did a really good job.

Usually, few runs were needed to steal the winning agendas. Once, just 2 runs were enough.

The good draw engine with many economy cards really worked out. I only got problems when loosing/running out of events and in the last game, where I was unlucky with the economy and the corp was just too fast.

Clot helped me only in one Game against MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration. As usual, I expected more fast advance than there is.

Rigged Results definitely was worth the include. It helped me twice to steal an agenda, but also failed me twice at the betting.

11 May 2020 Cpt_nice

Funny to see we both came up with the same unicorn!

11 May 2020 ArminFirecracker

@Cpt_nice Congrats to your win. You definitely deserved it.

Mad Dash and Falsified Credential for the win in a world without Border Control :)

11 May 2020 Longi

Nice meta-reading and really cool idea how to beat it! Congrats.

12 May 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Congrats on your finish!

Top hat also great tech against a meta with a lot of Mwanza’s!!