Wholesome Gagarin - Eternal Testing Tournament winner

TugtetguT 2006

Just your average eternal deck I guess.

The build-around card is Mumbad City Hall, which is pretty broken, even for eternal I think. Use it to fetch all your alliance cards in the early game (Mumba-Museum-Jeeves) And to have access to all of your operations via Consulting Visit which incidentally is also an alliance card.

Another sweet interaction is Executive Search Firm, which is alliance as well of course, and can be used to fetch Estelle Moon - a fair and balanced card that draws cards and provides credits. Ideally you keep Estelle in hand for a turn or have an iced remote, so that the runner can't just run her before you get value from a few Mumbad City Hall installs. Exec Search Firm also gets you your Zealous Judge and Rashida the latter of which I didn't find room for, but I think I should have had a copy or two.

The asset spam plan is rounded out with Friends in High Places and a few Tutors that ensure that you have access to all your different assets at all times. Between this and Museum of History it's extremely difficult to keep the spam in check.

For wincons I went with Urban Renewal and Contract Killer to force runs and Hard-Hitting News plus High-Profile Target to punish said runs. There is also the SIU/Zealous Judge/High-Profile Target kill package in there, but I suspect it rarely comes up, possibly could be something else.

You almost never score so the agenda suite is just the most annoying one possible.

3 Paywall Implementations to win the war. Rumor Mill and Hacktivist Meeting are both pretty annoying to deal with so come prepared. Though you generally have better recursion and tutoring than most runners so maybe 2 is enough.

Slots in eternal is a nightmare to figure out and I'd change a few cards in this list as mentioned ealier:

Museum of History decks are great and perfectly replicate the real life museum experience by being interesting for only a few select individuals - don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

6 Sep 2021 anarchomushroom

this list sparks joy

6 Sep 2021 percomis

Wait, you also went up to 3 Paywall? :D Makes sense. And yeah, the single EW doesn't make much difference I would imagine.

6 Sep 2021 TugtetguT

Yeah, those Rumor Mills man :D