Kill Titan (65th World's 2020)

rngnsb 173

Run and die, or don’t run and lose.

I was having a hard time with heavy access Adam and Turning Wheel Leela and Hoshiko on the good Titan. So, I decided to try to get some swiss wins with a deadlier surprise Titan.

The plan was successful with only one loss on the day, to Misdirection/Clot Hayley.

Game 1 – Win against Adam. Turn 2 HHN into Turn 3 kill.

Game 2 – Win against Leela. Long game. HHN just to clear On the Lam. Two more HHN’s later they finally go broke and die.

Game 3 – Win against Leela. They end with three tags and draw 4 from Class Act. Double HPT for 12 damage.

Game 4 – Lose against Hayley. Early Misdirection + late combo pieces = auto-loss.

Game 5 – Win against Hoshiko. Rushed a GFI behind Guard when I didn’t see MK in the bin. Hostile/Atlas/Hostile to score out.