TheBigBoy's Sleeper Hold

TheBigBoy 8937

Full Write-up here:

This is an HB Fast Advance deck that uses Enhanced Login protocol, high-threat assets, and clickless burst economy to stay one step ahead of the runner. Your goal is to lock in an ELP and rez a bunch of gearchecks, forcing the runner to choose between drawing for breakers and fighting the slow slog of trashing your assets with only 3 click turns. Whichever path they choose, you should be able to Biotic Labor your way to victory before they have both dealt with your board and built their rig.

Also some people can't break lotus field, which is pretty funny :P

1 Oct 2016 FarCryFromHuman

You made a best-of HB deck, without Adonis or Hedge Fund, you madman. I agree with the Subliminal Messaging idea, maybe cut a BLC and... maybe a Biotic? I dunno that's a crazy hard choice. The additional pressure to run, just to lose a and be taxed by a must-trash asset is mean spirited and I love it.

1 Oct 2016 Myriad

Would love to fit virtual tour into this deck just to have extra hate against Temujin. You also totally meet the alliance requirement.

1 Oct 2016 ZQQLANDER

-Not sure if you need Subliminal because you have Lateral Growth which can combo with Shipment from SanSan for Jeeves. Unless you find yourself needing to score on zero credits. I think you would need to find slots for CVS as well? It would also be interesting to see how many turns it takes to score out with this.

2 Oct 2016 AKKyle23

I like how you mentioned Subliminal Messaging in your write up. I think the instal agenda, Subliminal Messaging, Shipment from SanSan, free click from Jeeves Model Bioroids, advance and score is a good combo with the cards you already have.

Clot seems like a hard counter. Advanced Assembly Lines into a Cyberdex Virus Suite at the end of a runners turn could open up the FA? Is your current answer using a single remote server?

2 Oct 2016 TheBigBoy

People need to stop bringing up Clot. I haven't seen a Clot in a serious game in about a month. Just play normal netrunner against Clot decks. Rush behind gearchecks and neglect HQ and R&D since they have no central pressure at all.

I've played around 30-40 games with this deck and have encountered exactly 2 people with Clot and beat them both.

2 Oct 2016 Robotoast

I played this in a GNK over the weekend. I lost once because of a hand that I should have muliganned and didn't and THEN had poor ice placement (Architect was over HQ when it should have been over RnD and then lost to an indexing), and the second game because i was moving too slow, got hit by clot, and then realized that I had only 2 biotic labor in the deck (but 3 Jeeves, so it was still legal).

Meanwhile, I stomped some of the top seeded players in my state as an admittedly middle of the pack player. Lotus field did precisely what it was supposed to do against a Whizzard who couldn't find his NRE, and AALs shut down Leela bounces.

Some of my thoughts:

Do not cut to 2 biotics. I'm pretty sure if I had three in the deck I would have won a game I lost.

ELP is a monster and will mess people up hard. I had an ELP up the entire game against whizzard and it was absolutely what was wrecking his game.

I don't think you need subliminal with lateral growth in the deck and Clone Sufferage if they're foolish enough not to trash it. I think it would be an ok include, especially with ELP and SFSS, but I don't know what you would cut for it, and a third ELP would be preferable anyway.

Finally, clot causes issues, but I suspect that if you're a more skilled player than me, you can work around it, and I don't think that CVS serves this deck as well as it serves, say Russian NEH.

All in all a lot of fun, I feel like the deck performed fantastic, despite the fact that it was the first time I piloted it.

3 Oct 2016 ZomB

Took this to a GNK yesterday and won with it (4 rounds cut to top 4). Deck performed well despite it being the first time I played it. I lost the first 2 games narrowly as I was getting used to it, and its slim economy package. And indeed in one game an Anarch couldn't break the lone Lotus field on the scoring server ;-) It seemed like I was learning how to play better from playing this deck which lives on the edge of its economy. Still a ways to go to master it though.

3 Oct 2016 5N00P1

Was looking since a while for an HB Deck playing Team Sponsorship but nothing found that was interesting to play. Will try this out, like the feeling of the Deck!

5 Oct 2016 Skullbotrock

I played this deck and loved it! It felt UNIQUE and POWERFUL which is something I haven't experienced in awhile. I'm a little confused on why Sleepers is listed as such an essential card for this deck. It's nice and works decently but can someone explain what i'm missing?

Also is there a video of Bigboy playing this anywhere? I think i could learn a lot from that and really improve my own play

5 Oct 2016 kollapse

Chris, "kiv", has played the deck a bunch of times, here:

8 Oct 2016 TheBigBoy

@SkullbotrockSleepers isn't essential perse, but I think it's a BIG deal and playing 0 copies would certainly be a mistake.

8 Oct 2016 Conduit23

Using Advanced Assembly Lines to install ICE over Archives in response to Sneakdoor Beta being installed.. This deck is FUN! :D

8 Oct 2016 ZomB

For an Escalation legal GNK I changed Lotus Field to Fairchild 3.0 - which works well with Enhanced Login Protocol - and changed Rototurret to Ravana 1.0 now it has 4 targets. I left everything else the same and had 2 influence left over.. It worked and i didnt drop a game with it - won 3 drew 1 - and won the GNK.

Domestic Sleepers gets better the more games you play with this deck.

A fun and deceptively strong deck.

10 Oct 2016 ff0X

A very cool deck. Thanks a lot. :)

11 Oct 2016 meta4

@TheBigBoyLove the deck, once again

Rototurret really seems sub par compared to some other ice options available. Are you finding yourself vulnerable to Yog? Because Fairchild 2.0 seems like it might be decent, or maybe even 3.0 when Escalation is released. Are you playing it because of its ETR sub? It's also your only piece of ice that is very vulnerable to Parasite (Vanilla is free and Ichi at least has 4 strength)

I find it odd that you talk about wanting to minimize the number of agendas in the deck to make it difficult for the runner to turn off ELP, but then you play sleepers. Isn't it incredibly infuriating if the runner steals it when ELP is in play? When that happens you're gonna wish it was anything else.

12 Oct 2016 TheBigBoy

Roto is in this list because it's a hard-etr sentry that I can stack with architect against mongoose.

That said, 3 ice should be cut for Fairchild 3.0. You can decide which 3 you like the least for yourself :)

12 Oct 2016 ZomB

I have been wondering what to do with the spare influence with the ice changes that doesn't make the deck worse. I find myself looking at Daily Business Show to increase consistency though not fully convinced.

13 Oct 2016 Myriad

Well... I mean if you drop an architect and lotus fields you can slot in a singleton DNA tracker.

Welcome to Code Gate hell.

13 Oct 2016 TheBigBoy

Don't drop lotus. It's basically your entire gameplan vs Temujin Whiz.

13 Oct 2016 Myriad

What about scarcity over elp? It's a similar cost, but I am eager to try scarcity.

15 Oct 2016 Bitrazer

@MyriadI agree Scarcity of Resources looks like fun but costing them a couple credits per turn versus a click (a run, a played card or ability)? ELP is a VERY high tax Scarcity not so much...

15 Oct 2016 Myriad

Well, it is and it isn't. But yes after testing the card out I agree ELP is the way to go.

Scarcity is great if you aren't HB though. But in HB with Fairchild 3.0 and Ichi, ELP is still the hotness.

27 Oct 2016 TheBigBoy

Recommended update: -1 Magnet -1 Roto -1 Ichi +3 Fairchild 3.0

27 Oct 2016 Dazzling

@TheBigBoyand what about 1x Cyberdex Virus Suite for a Team Sponsorship?

28 Oct 2016 TheBigBoy

If you want to cut TS, why are you even playing this thing. It's a TS abuse deck!

I've never wanted a CVS, haven't seen clot in ages.

31 Oct 2016 cwoac

There may not be much clot about (although smoke could plausibly run it), but medium is all over the shop.

31 Oct 2016 TheBigBoy

Yes, but another ICE would do you more good against Medium than a single CVS.

Just win faster than they can set up rig + medium.

6 Nov 2016 cwoac

True. Took this to a GNK at the weekend, dropped one biotic for a Best Defence (for killing NRE). Being able to score out behind a single lotus field was surprisingly effective.

21 Nov 2016 slowreflex

Can you please explain where you put your ICE? How many remotes do you ICE, how much? Which assets do you put in un-protected servers (besides CSM)? Jeeves and Team Sponsorship? Thanks for the nice write-up (read your website one too). Very helpful.

21 Nov 2016 TheBigBoy

100% match-up dependent. Sometimes I make a 3-ice remote. Sometimes I ICE 0 remotes. If you understand what your opponent's deck is trying to do, just react to that. Try to use FC3 on the most important central and use the hard gearchecks like lotus for the remote.

5 Dec 2016 slowreflex

So since posting, the update was: "Recommended update: -1 Magnet -1 Roto -1 Ichi +3 Fairchild 3.0". Are there any other recommended changes from the original list to current data packs (with Martial Law)?

5 Dec 2016 TheBigBoy

I think slotting 1 Friends in High Places could be good. Not sure what to cut.

19 Dec 2016 TheBigBoy

List update: -1 Sales Team -1 Blue Level -1 Shipment

+2 Friends in High Places +1 NAPD Contract (if your meta has a lot of Val just leave it as CST and play with 14 influence)

21 Dec 2016 willybn1

Ran the early version of this deck last night at local game store and won every game. Looking forward to piloting this with the updates especially FiHP which looks really strong here. A+++++