Sleeper Hold HB

bigfleet 53

In my first time sitting down to play another human across the table, I won a small store champ (6 people)! 5 wins overall, two on time. I had periods of very good play but luck was certainly on my side. (Runner deck also.)

This deck is TheBigBoy’s Sleeper Hold with a couple changes I made based on my own experience testing.

I had really struggled against tag-me anarchs (difficult for you to imagine, I’m sure), so I slotted Best Defense out of spite. I never drew it and faced no Anarchs.

When a criminal is cleaning up your remotes and Temüjining your clone activists, they make you play like a glacier build without the gear to support it. Losing breakers is a giant deal, so I slotted Aggressive Secretary. Only briefly considered for play once. So both these edits may have provided peace of mind, but probably would have been better as other cards.

The best decision I made was bringing this deck instead of the world champ CtM deck. I had practiced with this one for a long time and knew it well. I had dabbled with CtM and found it quite good, but certainly had some games where I felt I had no outs. After getting absolutely waxed by Castles Andy in my last practice session, I just felt I had to go with a deck I felt more comfortable with— since I was going to be nervous! It turned out.


Apex (1-0)

An Enhanced Login Protocol went the distance guarding against an Apocalypse that never came. While a Reaver and a Harbinger certainly took the sting out of face checking a Fairchild 3.0, I did get an Architect rezzed on archives which was gonna be tough on his rig. His Day Job couldn't get rid of my SanSan City Grid quickly enough, and he conceded ahead of a Domestic Sleepers for 7.

Dyper Kate (2-0)

Got very lucky here! Opponent forgot a scored Domestic Sleepers and failed to go off. Made up for the poor luck of two Jackson Howard covered Accelerated Beta Test fires, with scores off another unmolested naked SanSan City Grid. Only got to 4 ice on R&D; after time we replayed his last turn and he would have got there.

Only considered Aggressive Secretary once here at 4pts before top decking an ABT.

No third corp game as the first went to time.

19 Dec 2016 4est

Congrats on your win.

19 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

Welcome to the ANR meatspace! Congrats on your win!