Sandbox Asa (6th @ Worlds 2020)

Pinsel 1924

After the last banlist update, Asa and Jinteki glacier looked like the corps to beat. Thus, we expected runners to be able to handle the popular tablet asa, which was the standard asa to expect. With runners slotting more tech like Mrs. Bones to keep up, the wide playstyle of tablet asa seemed like a liability against good runners. And even though SFT can have amazing payoff, actually getting all the pieces together against a good crim seemed impossible. Thus we decided to make an asa deck, that plays a lot tighter with it's remotes and so doesn't give easy targets for mrs. bones and other tech cards.

The biggest difference to tablet asa is that this version doesn't really go as wide, and wants to protect everything. It also plays faster economy like hedgefunds instead of campaigns. The ICE is also a lot spikier, with 3 Fairchilds, and more drafters, which is an other issue of tablet asa. Especially tourguides become a lot worse if the runner can just kill most of your assets and facecheck them without a penalty. So we opted for border controls, which are great rush ICE for asa to protect early rashidas and it has also has amazing synergies with MCA and fairchild. It really helps pushing that last MCA click through and is also great apoc tech.

Also, this asa plays 14 ICE, which is a ton of ICE and almost guarantees enough ICE for flops. however, in the tournament this deck always felt a bit poor, even though sandboxes gave back some money. With all this good ICE, and the standard asa scoring tricks in MCAAP and laskhmi, we expected it to be a good meta call, playing the busted HB cards, while making it quite hard for the standard runners to attack this well.

Daily Quests were a bit odd, often being a liabilty to rez. And i was so poor, i would really like those slot machines that the other NWE members had.

In the end, this deck was undefeated in swiss, cheesing out wins left and right. In the cut, i had a great draw against @heinzel's geist, which was a terrible matchup, but then later on i lost twice with it.

Huge thanks to all my opponents for some great games, to the other NWE members to help build this deck, and to NISEI, keeping this game alive.