Sunlight II (3rd at Wrocław Regionals)

MrHuds0n 1196

An updated (or actually rolled back) version of my Sunlight siphon whizzard that took 3rd at Wrocław Regionals alongside Potential Unleashed, placing me in the sad spot of not winning the main tournament and being unable to play in Cache Refresh.

Having learned the lesson after Katowice regionals and seeing that Moon spam is not as prevalent in Poland as one would expect, I decided to cut one Apocalypse and replace it with Planned Assault and another Estrike against recently surfaced annoying decks like AgInfusion (which I love, but holy crap it's a dumb effect). I also cut one Plascrete because I figured Matuszczak was not going to be a dickhead and play Haarpsicord on two consecutive regionals. I also replaced Maw with Turntable because I figured someone would attempt to play the Euros winning SYNC.

The deck did pretty well again, doing 4-1 in Swiss (losing only to Selverin's PU, defeating Titan, BWBI and two ETFs) and 2-1 (defeating Biotech and Sol, losing again to Selverin's PU who sniped EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. OF. F**KING. RECURSION).

Levy is a good card which I would consider for this deck very heavily, especially considering Jinteki is definitely its hardest matchup. Before you assemble enough econ and ice destruction to defeat 2 DNA Trackers and Hokusai on HQ you'll probably be dead in the water.

Also I realised someone took 8th place on the US Nationals with the previous version of this deck, I don't know who you are but you get a virtual fistbump.