ApocaMaxX - 2nd overall NorCal Regionals 2016

tzeentchling 905

Was second seed after 5 rounds of Swiss and 2nd overall at the 2016 Northern California Regional Championships. Faced off against Haarpsichord , NEH, and Sparkin the swiss (store champ bye + ID last round against EtF), then Spark again in the cut, with an eventual loss in the finals to a Team Mumba Turtles NEH deck which was due to a combination of good opponent play and poor play by myself.

This deck owes much of its core to @d1en's THE FUN ENDS HERE deck, and really varies little from it. Swapping out Femme Fatale for Knight is probably the biggest change, as well as one less Wanton Destruction (which I never regretted) and one more D4v1d (which I often appreciated). I tried Faust in place of the Knight for a while, but this deck wants to keep its cards for the most part. Could go crazy and swap the Yog.0 for a Force of Nature - which sounds crazy, right? - but it's mostly there for anti-Turing on a central, and Force of Nature should be about as good, right? Saves an influence, could bring the Femme Fatale back or - more likely - lets me add a Crescentus, which deals with Architects that get rezzed during Apocalypse runs.

Honestly, I was struggling with Runner for a while, but this deck is nice and aggressive and fun - and quick. It's rare for a game to go long. You will get locked out sometimes, and I am still learning where the right decisions are, but it's a good tool to improve your play, I think.

12 Apr 2016 Murphy

This deck was extremely frustrating to play against (twice!). Well done Kris!

12 Apr 2016 Myriad

Glad MaxX could represent in the Nor Cal regionals. I am bringing almost this exact deck to another west coast regional this year.

I just love the archetype too much not to run it and it served me so well in the Nor Cal regional last year.

Thanks for keeping the home fires burning.

You feel that yog/crescentus/femme is probably the free slot that you have? Crescentus is quite an idea. Did you feel you needed corroder?

Any problems with Crisiums? They are so much more common than a year ago that I am paranoid.

12 Apr 2016 tzeentchling

@Myriad Yeah, that seems to be the best place to find a free spot, though I'd probably just add the Crescentus and take the deck to 48 cards. All the programs play a role. The Corroder was useful in not having to make repeated runs with D4v1d - if you're Keyholeing, and there's a Wraparound, you don't want to be limited to three runs, especially if there's also a heavier ice on that server.

No problems with Crisium Grid in this tournament, but I'm debating finding room for a Councilman in the deck. It would also protect against a Hostile Infrastructure rez on an Apocalypse turn, and probably has other uses as well.