Veronica 183

When you name your deck after a joke made by RotomAppliance on an old video and then you end up getting eliminated by him in the top cut... (for people who don't know the origins of Panic PD).

Anyway, I placed 5th at EMEA after being really worried I wouldn't make top 50%. Turns out that testing this deck and tweaking it a few times really helped.

I took Precision Design because it was a deck I was comfortable playing for several rounds, it can win relatively expediently (important with Hoshiko in the meta), and can score out on low credit totals (important against anyone running 3x Diversion of Funds AKA all criminals).

I don't think there's a lot about playing the deck I can necessarily say that better players haven't already said. Try to identify how your opponent is going to pressure you, slow that down with your good ICE and then try to score out of a remote, using Tranquility Home Grid to keep your tempo up. You don't need to keep them out of centrals forever, just long enough to get to seven points.

What might be interesting is the changes I made to the list two days before the tournament. I was originally on all 2-point agendas since I was worried it'd be hard to score the Ikawah Project. I was very wrong about that. Turns out that this deck can easily end up with two Seamless Launch in hand, or a Seamless and a Project Vitruvius counter, and then you can never-advance the Ikawah while being much less worried about it being stolen. Additionally, at least twice during the tournament the runner accessed my entire R&D but was unable to win because the only agenda left was an Ikawah.

As much as I love Architect Deployment Test I prefer this suite. It also means that a game on 4 points is one you can close out of nowhere, which makes the runner need to be much more aggressive in dismantling your remote. Likewise, the addition of a single Biotic Labor means the game isn't necessarily over when Hoshiko gets to full power in the late-game.

Additionally, I swapped the Crisium Grid for another Mavirus which was absolutely correct for this tournament. While Crisium isn't a bad card, I think it is less potent in the current meta, since all you're really beating with it is Deep Dive (and you can use Border Control for that as well), while Mavirus gives you the potential to lights-out against a lot of runners.

Mavirus can be used to clear Aumakua against Crim or Anarch, it slows down Audrey v2 which is a terrifying breaker as seen during one of my games on Twitch, and even to reset Conduit mid-run to stop the Shaper from accesses 6 cards.

All in all, a fantastic event, and a huge thanks to the judges and TO as well as my fellow players, it was a blast.

20 Aug 2023 Jinsei


I've very curious if lessons from Arkham transfer to Netrunner, when I first learnt how to play the game I felt the action economy was similar in nature.