I liked weyland before it was cool

themeanlady 342

Undefeated on 6-2-2018 Nebraska regional. Too bad I suck at running oops

3 Jun 2018 YankeeFlatline

aw yeah this looks like this was the sso i was running at kos good times

3 Jun 2018 falseidol

Wow, almost identical to my own list, including the Anonymous Tip splash :). Recently, I cut a Biotic for two more archived memories, which can recur dedication ceremony, fast track, mass commercialization, punitive counterstrike, scarcity of resources, and sometimes a pitched RPC if I am digging to rush to 4 points. It can cost you a few turns scoring out, but the trade-off is more consistently getting to 4 points by turn 6, and then you have options to push for scoring out/forcing a kill.

But good list and grats on the win.

3 Jun 2018 Gswp

I also liked Weyland before it was cool -- and I do still like it now that it's good. :)

Thanks for the list; looks cool! SSO is very snowball-y, but this looks like it has some good tools to finish the game.

4 Jun 2018 neuropantser


5 Jun 2018 sekoku

I see what this deck is doing. But I've ran into a few problems that I'm wondering how you'd solve:

Laamb and Surfer with the conspiracy breakers in tow. Can break things fast before you can start to put 3-6 Advancements on things.

Gravedigger milling can be to their detriment, but at the same time could also hurt you. I had a round that they were milling but I lucked into getting Hollywood Renovation and a City Works Project to advance the CWP into the winning Agenda (with advancing a Hollywood Renovation and Hostile Takeover earlier between two barriers that they couldn't break.

Seems like you want to put out all your ICE (? at least to me) but with the current Virus and Milling and fast runner "meta" out there, I'm not too sure how you're piloting this (if you still are) now that Kitara is fully out.

5 Jun 2018 PureFlight

@sekokuI'm not sure who you're playing against, but I've been scoring out with this deck around turns 7-8 if I get the cards in a decent order. That should be fast enough to deal with engine decks like Gravedigger. I can see Laamb+Surfer being an issue if they have Stimhack, so ideally you'd bait them in with an advanced City Works while you have punitive and hope that they're poor.

If you're looking to make changes, you could try adding another Fast Track for consistency or slotting Blacklist over Anonymous Tip for the conspiracy breakers.

7 Jun 2018 themeanlady

I played this deck at a regional where all packs were out. The only problems I've faced are when I'm bad and forget ihw exists and not being able to stack enough ice to stop inside job/spear/Maxwell. I don't think laamb surf is very good, you just win before they can do anything lol. Or kill them. The general game plan is to cheese a 5/3 early, score a hostile, then rpc the last agenda. Best case scenario is scoring a Hollywood first so you don't have to drop 2 dummy advancements somewhere for the rpc. Other game plan is dedicating a city works with a punitive, I do it naked all the time. The deck is surprisingly resilient, had many games where I win with 12 points in my hand or when the runner sneaks 6 points by turn 5. I'm a firm believer that you're doing it wrong if you leave a 5/3 out for more than 2 turns, always iaa or install dedicate and score immediately. It's a single remote rush deck.