Spam's not dead (Toronto GNK winner)

lukesim3 468

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Won the first NISEI GNK in Toronto with some more shameless netdecking.

I wanted to find a deck that didn't just crumple to Lock Hayley. Despite everyone claiming Crowdfunding made asset spam dead, testing revealed that this deck had an OK matchup vs. Hayley. Their relative lack of econ in the early game can allow you to build your board and potentially wreak havoc with some early Amani Senai scores.

Closing the game out though was hard. Late-game runners are rich and can afford to run anything you put in a remote or on the table. So, I cut a Hard-Hitting News (the threat of it is enough) and a Amani Senai for two Calibration Testings. If you can draw through the lock with Biz Show or Rashida and find a late Beale, you can fast advance for the win.

Went 2-1 at the tourney. Wins against MaxX and Smoke. Loss was to a Leela; way too much run-based econ, Diversion of Funds, and a timely Shrike that made Tour Guide sad ?.

With that out of the way, I just want to say thanks to the crew at NISEI. They've gone about the business of salvaging my favourite game in a way that really gives me hope for the future of Netrunner. So stop reading and go give them money on Patreon.

31 Jan 2019 icecoldjazz

I love this deck and I love you for making it. That is all.

1 Feb 2019 scd

yes. bring back spam. congrats, luke!

17 Feb 2019 mrteatime66

This is monstrous! Where are the tags coming from that power the Psychographics? Just the HHN? The psycho feels like a confusing include to me. (please note I never play NBN and I know nothing about how they work :/