DaggerSaurusBrush v1

GPWK 142

After defending Dagger in a discussion thread, I decided to put my money where my knife was, so to speak. It plays alot like a Kit deck, except you want everything to be a face up Sentry rather than Code Gates.

18 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

forged feels like a waste because you don't need the ice to be face up, just run it with your dagger, and paint the rest. Theres SO few cards that you care about face checking that are not sentry. You're better off with +3 hostage so you can find kati and contacts sooner, and then you have a free slot for the 3rd modded.

18 Apr 2014 GPWK

As I own only one core set, I do not own a third Modded.

18 Apr 2014 Rebbi

Seems like a little waste to not have Scavenge to be able to throw the dagger onto Dinosaurus if you draw the dagger first.