Accidentally Rude Outfit (4-0 and 4th at 28-person SC)

paulyg 1318

I had a couple of days to try to properly make decks for the first SC of the new UpGate meta, and I wanted to stick with something that I knew rather than trying to learn to play Skunk Void Asa or, y'know, actually make something new.

I've found Jinja Outfit reasonably good for a little while, though 419 has previously been a bit of a thorn in its side. But a new playable 3-2, a slightly more flexible Weyland big econ card, and the prospect of Spin Doctoring into Jinja got me to build a list and see how it went. There's not a lot to say, but I'll spend too many words saying it starting in the next paragraph.

This agenda suite is extremely good. Even if the game goes late, you have potential outs if you keep drawing enough. Spin Doctor is a worth replacement for Wall-To-Wall as this deck doesn't care about advancing ice. Palisade seems fine. Thimblerig is there to allow for big brain plays against Tāo.

Here's a fun thing: you can rez Spin Doctor mid-run and Jinja an ice onto the server to increase the strength of a Surveyor. I never did this, but feel free to imagine that I did and it was extremely sick.

My previous deck played a couple of Battys mainly as extra ETR effects, but occasionally for some rigshoot cheese. With his rotation, my replacement was to add a speculative Ark Lockdown on the basis that the runner field would be dominated by criminal and they'd all be discarding their 1x Paperclip. There's also the possibility to use it to slow down anarchs on another breaker or to get rid of Clot.

The significant change in the list was to realise that Crisiums weren't doing a lot for me against 419. Bad pub would rack up and they would just trash them for free. Nobody seemed to be on Stargate so there wasn't much doing there either. But CVS gave me a chance to blow out Aumakuas in 419 to help me rush and maybe be moderately useful against anybody trying out Conduit.

On the day the list did really well, beating 2x Tāo and 2x 419. I Ark Lockdowned 2 Paperclips and trashed two Turtles. I needed to apologise several times after claiming to be a 'polite' Outfit that just wanted to score its agendas. But then I had to run twice in the cut. Sad times.

In terms of changes, the ice suite is usually the weakest part of my deck-building so probably start there. I think the list overall is pretty solid though doesn't reach the heights of Skunk Void unfairness so I would look elsewhere if you want a tier 1 corp in this new meta!