Palana CTZ Stress Variation 1.3 Prague GNK winner

t.p 45

Prague May 2018 GNK winner Difference from original CTZ 1.3 - 3 Green Level Clearance - 1 Scarcity of resources +3 Rashida Jaheem +1 Death and Taxes

13 May 2018 Longi

Congrats on the win Thomas. Looking forward to rematch at Regionals :)

13 May 2018 ctz

Doing God's work. Good stuff

14 May 2018 Therebrae

3x Komainu, 2x Swordsman, 0x DNA Tracker seems like a strange Ice Suite. Can you explain the reasoning to me please? Whenever I think of a Palana Ice Suite I think of 4x some combination of DNA/Anansi and this throws my expectations. Congrats on putting up the win!

14 May 2018 t.p

@Therebrae no reasoning there. I sleeved this deck for several weeks. Just updated it to newest version from NRDB the evening before the tournament and did the changes above. I've seen Anansi like once during whole tournament so can't provide any thoughts on that. Death and Taxes though was very good.

6 Jun 2018 Rodge

I took this basic deck to Euros at UKGE, finished 56th with this pulling a 6-2 record for me. From testing, I found that 2xSwordsman was too much - so I swapped one out with an Envelope, which is a cheap unpleasant ICE to facecheck. I also found money to sometimes be an issue, so I also swapped 1xBacterial Programming for a second SSL Endorsement.

This deck is pretty unpleasant to play against, with half of my wins being my killing the runner. Once you get a Data Loop rezzed in your scoring remote, it's just time to rush things out. And that's where the Gene Splicer really shines too.

The only issue, I found, with this deck is that is can fail spectacularly when your opponent drops a Film Critic. My two defeats were completely because of this. But lots of decks hate to see her too, so it's hard to complain too much.

Great deck - thanks for sharing!