Tags Upgraded, 5-1, 1st place Oslo SC, 3rd seed swiss

ulrik03 92

16 players with cut to top four single elim. This deck went 3-1 in swiss and won both games in the cut. My runner deck did a pedestrian 2-2, but this performed well all day long.

The basic idea is to score Standoffs and Hostiles out of hand, and later trade them for 3-pointers with Exchange of Information. build a remote with a couple of ice (preferably at least one Data Raven) and stuff it full of tagging upgrades. The ideal situation is a scored Standoff, some upgrades behind a Raven, and then IAA a 3-pointer. Odds are good that if the runner steals it, you can EoI it right back.

Secondary strategies are to rush out 3-pointers early (you can always get them back later if the runner steals them) or Boom! them if they go tagme. Mostly though, if the runner manages to steal an agenda without immediatly losing it, you want to money up and use Consulting Visit to play SEA Source-EoI and get that agenda where it belongs.

Agendas: Standoffs are key, but the runner won't like stealing them for 0 points and an Argus trigger. Play Hostiles with abandon, as you're often draining clicks more than credits. Food makes it very hard for the runner to score out - winning with 3 agendas (without bonus points) requires a heap of luck, and you will often steal them back even if he gets the crucial SSL Endorsements. SSL is also very rude to the runner - if he steals them, he'll give you credits which you can use to SEA-EoI them back.

If you want to use IP block over Data Raven to slot even more yellow nastiness, have a look here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/48863/modern-argus-2nd-place-guardian-games-sc- It's very similar to this deck, but it's not an inspiration (I found it after the fundamentals of this was down).