[Eternal]Teched to the teeth(1st&Undefeated@Eternal tourney)

AugustusCaesar 1094

put source in your deck, it will be great i promise - that creepy guy, the night before they tournament

It is no secret that Whizzard is a great eternal ID, the way it demolishes the very prevalent asset spam decks is incredible. And it even gets new cards to aid it in this demolition, Hannah is incredible at making sure you never fall behind against Wage Workers quadruple asset spam.

With Whizzard and Hannah single-handedly taking care of all of the asset spam matchups, the rest of the deck can be geared to fight all of the other angles of attack. Here is where the tech comes in:

-Citadel Sanctuary is the most common Eternal tech piece, you need a very good reason to not have it or Plascrete in your deck. The main reason is the contract killer CI combo. Without this, that deck can consistently turn 6 kill you (more notes on that deck and it's place in the meta in my [corp writeup](link inc soon)). I preferred sanctuary here because it has some niche applications against HHN and MAD two turn kills. (Notably neither tech option is very good at stopping the Ob MAD HPT combo, because it either deals too much DMG for Plascrete to help, or they can use Malia to blank your Citadel, forcing them to shuffle and draw Malia back or get more things rezzed can slow down on a bit, but it only buys you a turn or 2 at most)

-The Source is a spicy include, which is intended for the same CI combo deck. That is because with the new combo piece Wage Workers that deck has just an easy of a time flatlining you with contract killer as it does scoring 7 points in one turn. (You'll have to figure out the details yourself, or wait for my decks at the next Eternal tournament). The price for this include is very significant, the 2 influence cost robs us of the second desperado, which is a lot of money, but this deck rarely needs money in the asset matchups where desperado does most work.

-Rumor Mill is a catch all disruption card that hopefully stops any other nonsense that we can't have specific tech for. It stops most anything that relies on Jeeves/ww, though it is obviously flimsy as a tech piece, since it goes away when you opponent plays their own current. It is also incredible at slowing down opponents, most often you want to keep it in hand until you see an Estelle Moon and then play it to trash it, denying all value. This exact play pattern happened in all 3 of my games in the tournament and in all of them it put me incredibly far ahead.

-The last tech angle is a combo of 3 cards, all geared towards combating the last really busted angle of attack in eternal, mythic ice. Our regular icebreakers can't do anything to get through a mother goddess, so we need alternate ways to get in that don't care about ice type. The most straightforward is Botulus, it buys you one run through a mother goddess each turn, if your tech is doing a good job of slowing the corp, that can be enough, but sometimes you'll need to combine it with a Hippo to be fast enough. Our other main angle is turtle, I was very close to submitting this deck with just 6/7 points, so I last minute chucked in a turtle to get through mythic ice. In retrospect, Faust probably does a better job at this. If all else fails, chisel can also get there. It is mostly there to deal with tour guide for when you fall behind against asset spam, but in a pinch, you can run a mother goddess 5 times is a line to not get locked out.

-Lastly, not quite tech, but new card worth mentioning, The Price is great at assembling all of our above tech. Which is all installable, between that, inject and moshing, you should have no problem lining up the tech cards into their relevant matchups. And if none of the tech cards are relevant, The Price is incredible at assembling your Bloo Moose and ]crowdfunding econ. If you ever hit both of them in a price, the corp might as well forget about trying to run you out of creds.

The rest of the deck is relatively straightforward money and value. Medium is important as our finisher and with The Price we have enough critical mass of trash that Steelskin is more valuable than (I've Had Worse)[https://www.netrunnerdb.com/en/card/07032]. Though it might be even better to play both, slots are kind of tight.


Game 1: vs. davz131's (asset ob): This is the dream matchup for the deck, almost all of ob's tricks rely on sticking assets and we dont let them do that. A turn 2 rumor mill to snipe an Estelle Moon secured a commanding lead and trashing all the Jeeves ensured that they had no outs. Here hannah came in clutch for another reason, allowing me to easily survive the raw MAD for 5 tags.

Game 2: vs. CobraBubbles' MAD ob: A rerun where it took me a bit longer to find the rumor mill. Once i did, border control + enigma was enough to protect it. However, I found the second copy of the current, and the corp had their own current hidden away in the bottom 10 of RND, so none of their cards could do anything.

Game 3: vs: Larrea's [gamechanger sports]: Unfortunate that this sports deck gets collaterally hosed by our source in a pretty devastating way. Whizzard made sure that the corp couldn't snowball the game with wage workers and jeeves, and then just spent multiple turns clicking to draw 4 times to find the source plus a medium. Tragically for the gamechanger plan, sources additional cost to steal agendas means we can just choose to not steal anything until there are winning numbers in the pile we see with medium.

7 Mar 2024 MarleneOrtega

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