Jinteki: Restoring Ferraris - 31st @ EUAF 2021

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This is a little monster I've been playing all week on jnet, getting around an 80% wr and then flopping at the big tournament (you know how it goes) :P
Playing Restoring Humanity makes a lot of sense because @ worlds last year I sold my soul playing good decks I didn't really enjoy, ended up having a bad time and basically quit the game for a couple months after that. This helped me rediscover why I enjoy this game so much.

The deck is built like a classic glacier Jinteki but actually tries to rush a lot more, sometimes pushing the first agenda turn 1. The push often goes well vs Anarchs, who don't always play Botulus or drop it on Magnet, while criminals have a few more tools to play with. Sticking an Anoetic Void super early behind a gearcheck often gives you time to score 1/2 agendas before the runner can set up some real breakers, and I've often found myself in situations where I'm playing with 2 ice on the remote and 0 on centrals (yes, even vs criminals). The card that should immediately catch your eye is Election Day. It's not there merely for the Champagne and to help give a name to the deck, but also because I feel it fits well in here. It turns on the ID, gives you much needed gas and the downsides are bearable with Spin Doctor. I've had games where turn 1 was ice, ED, Spin, followed by Rashida + ice or similar a turn later. Some people have asked why ED over things like Sprint or Planogram and I believe seeing 5 new cards / recharging Void to be big upsides. If the faction keeps going with this "trash cards from HQ" theme, I'd love to see a new version of it.

The deck went 2-4, sadly underperforming a little, but aside from surely not perfect gameplay on my end I believe I faced strong opponents that made the right calls. I lost to 419, won vs Apoc MaxX, lost to reg Hoshiko, lost to Apoc Loup, won vs 419 who just couldn't find breakers, lost to Zhaya. I streamed the whole thing (in italian mostly), individual VODs are linked above.

My runner deck for the event is linked here.

Thanks everyone for the good games. Thanks again to all the people who came say hi during the stream, thanks to Nisei and congrats/good luck to the ones who made the top cut. Thanks to @ALFlex for bearing with me, helping me choose the last slots and generally being a great guy.

Always be Running!

24 Aug 2021 Jascha

Nice - I love the idea to play ED!