Nobody ever suspects the butterfly (Startup)

echephron 22

Nobody ever suspects the butterfly (Startup)

"Thankfully, your ice is all porous if a runner has just one Fracter and a few credits."

I picked NBN because nobody ever suspects the butterfly:

Cerebral Overwriter looks like a Bellona behind porous ice. Once they have a 3 card max Grip, they either die from not being careful, or you score out from when they are too careful.

  • Why Startup?

    1. There is no way to expose servers
    2. Engram Flush isn't banned
    3. Nothing like Boom, so tags arent as scary to runners.
  • First Way to kill:

    1. Stack Snares in HQ and R&D.
    2. Ice with Engram Flush (s) and Tithe (s)
  • Second Way to kill:

    1. Trigger a 2-advancement Cerebral Overwriter over the course of the first ~10 turns
      • Prep a Remote Server with 1-2 ice so that when you draw this, you can play it immediately. there is nothing worse than the Runner trashing this from your hand.
      • You will want to install, advance, advance behind ice all in one turn. Look at the enemy position and try to do it when you think they can break your ice. Thankfully, your ice is all porous if a runner has just one Fracter and a few credits.
    2. Get them full of tags. Every meaningful run they do should result in at least one tag.
    3. Psychographics into Orbital Superiority. If they have 3 tags and 2 brain damage, this will kill in one turn from HQ.
      • If they refuse to keep tags. you can public trail into a 2x advanced Orbital Superiority.
  • Ways to tag:

    1. Two Funhouse or Ping on a remove server with AMAZE Amusements and an agenda. thats 4-5 tags, which means that at least one will stick around until your turn.

    2. After they spend all their credits stealing a Bellona from a remote server and clearing the tags that came from it, use a Public Trail.

    3. Taunt them into running last click by not rezing Ping when they run over it. Ping is much better rezed on their last click.

Final note. Dont keep agendas or overwriters in your HQ if you can help it. Spin Doctor or Sprint them into the R&D. Your hand is where Snare! lives.

7 Oct 2021 valerian32

I'm in love with this.

12 Oct 2021 Davidmc7

Replaced the Daily Quests for Regoliths, switched the Sync Rerouting for a second Public Trail, found my favourite Startup deck so far!