RPC Big Beale [Philly CO 5/27; 6th place]

thrantar 4

Brought to the Philadelphia CO on 5/27.

Akhets are great tech for Hippo, reasonably taxing, and help ensure a sufficient density of advancable cards to support the Prav ID ability.

I'm not entirely convinced on the agenda suite. It's possible we're supposed to trade out a Beale and a Tomorrow's Headline for a Degree Mill and a 15 Minutes or something along those lines. There's basically never a world where we score 2 Beales. Sometimes we score a Bellona, but often you just score the big Beale for 7.

If you've got a Daily Quest ticking, you can sometimes just triple advance random ice if the runner is busy doing stuff.

Mestnichestvo is still quite good, but we're a bit less excited than standard Prav lists to want to spend the counter to cause the runner to lose 3. Sometimes it's right, but do the math. I'm fairly happy to give the runner 1 access and get a Prav trigger over spending a counter and preventing the access.

Subliminals offer a nice, albeit minor, fork with our ID ability. They're also light sabotage tech, although I didn't end up playing against Esa on the day.

Went 2-1 on the day, mostly playing against Crim. Beat 419; scored an early Bellona and they couldn't find enough accesses to score more than 2 points through generic glacier before time. Beat Sable; they got a bunch of singles on R&D early, but I had Daily Quests ticking that they weren't comfortable contesting, so I eventually iced R&D over, advanced an Akhet to 10 counters, then comboed out for the 7 point Beale. (I had a second Akhet on 3.) Lost to Hoshiko; early ice suffered from some botulus, then when I tried to stabilize behind a Tollbooth, it got Hippo'd. The 8 credit loss there ended up being a bit much. Hoshiko set up the Stargate and found an agenda before time.