[SOCR2] Gabe in a Ken Suit -- Top 4

BizTheDad 213

This deck went through a ton of revisions. What you see here was the last version I used to play against the AgInfusion I played in the top 4.

Here's some back story on this deck. Originally the ID was Ken and I actually played Ken in my first round. I lost with Ken that first round and good thing I did. Given my big box expansion was Creation and Control, choosing Ken as my ID was illegal. So, from then on my ID was Gabe. I don't know that he was the right choice but it was the best I could on short notice given I'd already tested this deck a bunch.

I built this deck thinking that spikey Jinteki and SYNC would be prevalent in the tournament. And I also figured that any criminal deck that could do some recursion would be strong. For the most part I was correct. Deja Vu and SoT did some serious work throughout the entire tournament. I used SoT to recur Siphon obviously but I also could use it to recur Deja Vu in order to recur programs that were trashed. And three Aaron's plus On The Lam meant I was pretty immune to 24/7.

The breaker suite changed from Gordian and Mimic to what you now. Saker was especially good against Kakugo. For a while I ran two Datasuckers but I usually had enough money so I dropped that to one. You could replace that with a Paricia if you so desired.

Bloo Moose was stupid throughout the tournament. It almost always netted me 30+ credits. It was the sole reason that I could compete in games where I wasn't able to get Temujin down.

In the cut this deck went 3-2 losing to a PU and something else that I can't remember. In the top cut I won against a SYNC deck and lost a very close game to a really good AgInfusion deck. I think had I kept my Saker instead of my Corroder I would have had a better chance in that game. Don't underestimate how good that card is against Kakugo.

4 Oct 2017 iref

Thank you for posting the deck. Lot of people played it in our last CR tournament. I am wondering what's your strategy against Scorpios? Do you just swap some influence for sacrificial construct?

4 Oct 2017 BizTheDad

Well, the deck would likely go through a bunch of revising given the new MWL. I think you'd have a lot of room for Sac Cons given 8 influence is leaving due to rotated or banned cards. So, yeah, I would put three Sac Cons in there given their synergy with Tapwrm in addition to preventing program trashing.

I don't know that I would use Inversificator as my restricted card now. I would have to do a bunch of testing.

Just out of curiosity, a lot of people played this exact deck at your last CR tournament?

4 Oct 2017 iref

Tournament was played in middle of August, so no, but 4 out of 8 players played Los. :) Now that I am looking through results, there was only one Scorpios and it won tournament. :) I am going to CZ/SK Nationals this weekend, so I am looking for deck to play. While main tournament is using new core / MWL, CR tournament is going to be played with old core set and MWL 1.2 and this seems pretty interesting, especially for newbie crim player like me.

What do you think about switching Inversificator for Abagnale + SacCon?

4 Oct 2017 BizTheDad

That could work. I would drop the Rosetta 2.0's and Daily Casts in order to make room for it. Add the third Tapwrm and maybe an Armitage Codebusting or two to make up for econ gap.

4 Oct 2017 iref

Thanks for suggestions. I'll try it out.