Prison Potatoes: Boil 'em Mash 'em

lpoulter 955

Won an SC with this. Have been working on this PU deck for a while, it's pretty fun to play. Strategy is to do some net damage, preferably lots.

This deck also won me a round of Top deck. You can see the game and hear some of my comments on the deck. top deck video

18 Dec 2016 moistloaf

They're taking the Whizz to Isengard

18 Dec 2016 scd

Were any wins kills? I'm assuming it's all in on the "kill the decoder, score out behind a Tracker" game?

20 Dec 2016 rojazu

Having seen this deck in action its sole aim in to flatline. The only agendas scored are HoK which is quite OP with the ID and possibly a Philotic.

20 Dec 2016 lpoulter

Yeah Rojazu is correct. The aim is to flatline you want to score HOK ofc for the 6 net its worth in this ID. You can start to score fetals with Hok grid or behind ice if runner is low on cards and or is using faust.

20 Dec 2016 rojazu

what are your recommendations on ICE placement. I noticed in your game against me you put popup on R&D presumably to be able to pay for snare! when I inevitably ran into it

20 Dec 2016 rojazu

Also, the 2 main problems for this deck appear to be Strike & Levy. Ark Lockdown answers the latter, and Enforced Curfew would answer the former. Im sure you have considered it, and I've looked at the list and cannot see any cuts. Whats your view?

20 Dec 2016 lpoulter

Generally all ice goes on centrals most on Rnd. Occasionally make a remote esp to score Vs. ES or Vs. faust. DNA is a key piece it fires a lot so place it wisely. I've tired currents but normally prefer to try to score Vs. ES however but Enforced Curfew would be worth testing. If you want currents you'd have to drop a Hok grid and or a FiP I think.

21 Dec 2016 NoSoup4you

Do you have enough economy to reliably use Snare, Hostile, DNA Tracker? My Jinteki decks have struggled with it.

28 Dec 2016 scd

How essential is PUW? I sleeved and played this tonight and won both my games -- PUW helping me afford a Snare was definitely helpful. But I wonder about better spending that influence on a third Friends or maybe a second Lockdown? Thoughts?

28 Dec 2016 lunchmoney

What's "PUW"?

29 Dec 2016 scd

It's a card in this deck called "Pop-Up Window."

29 Dec 2016 lunchmoney

I know what Pop-up Window is, but I just could not work out PUW. d'oh.


31 Dec 2016 Haberdash

I noticed the version you used in Top Deck has Mumba Temple in it - what did you cut for that, and did you find it useful? Were there any other changes for Top Deck?

16 Jan 2017 Jabberwocks

This deck is unbelievably effective, but more importantly FUN. It feels like these two adjectives have been mutually exclusive in Netrunner for awhile now, so kudos to you for building this beautiful monstrosity. I feel like my win rate in casuals is 75%+ with this bad boy.