Mawshing - 5th, 6th and 16th @Cascadia 2023

maninthemoon 1481

This is the Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist list that I built and Muntal Bost members @Santa (5th), myself (6th) and @ThatsNoMun (16th) played at Cascadia, American Continentals.

This isn't a complicated decklist, but a flexible set of tools if welded correctly you "should be able" to win most matchups in the current dynamically evolving meta. This was a defensive meta call with all the wild new and powerful decks on corp side we wanted something very familiar and highly flexible we could adapt to each matchup we encountered.

Slots and improvements from APAC:

Clot: After APAC it was clear to me we needed a Clot threat in our deck ;) With 3 Mavirus Clot will not win you the Outfit match up alone, but it will hopefully slow the corp down enough that you can get the 7 points you need to win.

Maw was a critical last minute addition to our list. We went to sleep Friday with Keiko in the list and when I woke up on Saturday I realized we needed Maw to have any game vs the new yellow archetypes. This was a clutch swap and single handedly won me multiple games vs the Epiphany Analytica: Nations Undivided lists!

Hush was another game saver, were were waffling on to Botulus or not to Botulus 10 minutes before the end of registration and ended up deciding on Hush because @ThatsNoMun had already submitted his list 😂 Hush Single handedly won @santa and myself at least one game each. See Game one in the cut.

Finality is there to give you one more closing tool vs Outfit, yellow forks, SSS timed wins, and any corp that telegraphs a game win on the next turn. I was glad to have it, though it didn't make the difference in any of the games I played.

Fencer Fueno and Bahia Bands have some mad synergy and if haven't yet installed a Liberated Account or Maw for zero credits with Bahia Bands, Bad Publicity and Fencer Fueno there's nothing quite like it 😉 Bahia Bands is an extremely flexible and valuable cards and the only this deck can interact and clear four tags in one turn since we omitted Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra.

Hippo: This meta is pretty wild and I don't remember using hippo in any of my games. Though I would have been glad to have it in any match vs A Teia: IP Recovery

This feels like a wild moment in netrunner history, the three Gateway breakers are just the best in the game 👀 😅

Thanks to everyone in who showed up and played in cascade it was one of the best events I have ever attended! If you're thinking about coming next year definitely do!!

I want to thank: @Whiteblade111 and @Radiant for hosting such a wonderful tournament. The NSG staff for showing up in force to support judge and help facilitate. Mox for being all around amazing and making pretty great food too 👀 Some wonderful new runners I got to meet including @Rongydoge, @ctz, @ebrey, Hayden and so many others!! <3<3 Too many friends who visited to name them all, but big shout out to Van BC for showing up in force! And @theking and @enkoder for trekking all the way to Seattle it was fantastic to see you both again! And of course our wonderful team who have been scrambling and jamming games for the past two weeks in preparation for this event! Long Live Muntal Bost!

Top 8 (Charlie new Nose)

Top 8 cut photo at Cascadia, American Continentals 2023
16 Aug 2023 ThatsNoMun

Good job yall, you played so well! Way to make Mr Muntal and Ms Bost proud

18 Aug 2023 Santa

@maninthemoon, thanks for making this wonderful deck! Ride or die on the same lists, and we rode! 🔥

20 Aug 2023 AnOddRadish

Really great list. Took it to the Pittsburgh CO today with only a swap of 1x cleaver for 1x wheels as I was expecting both asset spam and Sparrow Brawler. Undefeated in Swiss and a very close (7-6 with 3 potential steals that I missed because I’m dumb and we had been playing for 9 hours straight) loss in semis. Fencer Fueno is the only card that felt bad at all, though that may be because it always showed up after I had established most of what I wanted to install and didn’t need to trash much. Overall very smooth list that felt like I could play into nearly any matchup and have both a fighting chance and a clear strategy.

22 Aug 2023 maninthemoon

I'm glad to hear it worked so well for you!! Congrats on your finish 🙂