High-Profile Informants - 4th at Sheffield Regional

Nem0 61

Published for AlwaysBeRunning. Nothing too out of this world for an Acme deck.

I included an MCA Informant to deal with Kati, but never played it in all my games. Still unsure if it's necessary or not.

GFIs are in there just as a test, also partly because I wanted to use a card on the MWL and having the ConVis in there is helpful as a fourth HHN or as a 2nd Informant.

On the day it beat Leela, Adam and Apoc Val, losing to Patrick's 419 in Swiss and the cut, which was running Hunting Grounds, Engolo, Turtle, No-One Home and Citadel Sanctuary. Combine that with one of the best players in the world and they were always going to be hard games.

As much as I love this deck, I don't think the meta is right for it at the moment as there is a lot of Engolo and Turtle about, two cards that mean UCF is basically dead. If we move into an Anarch-heavy meta it would do well as all the ice is rather annoying for Anarchs to deal with, especially as they often don't run AI, meaning UCF is a guaranteed fire.

6 Aug 2019 3N1GM4

Congrats on the finish - have been playing around with Acme myself recently. Do you think there's a way to slot enough turtle/Engolo hate to make this decent in the current meta?