Russian NEH (Post-MWL 1.2)

codychilton13 36

Bringing back the old Russian NEH but need help with the ice suite, any suggestions help

16 Apr 2017 rubyvr00m

Looking at your ICE suite, I would say that when you're running <10 ICE you probably can't afford to run multiple copies of Mother Goddess or any redundant unique pieces in general.

I would also mention that Archangel can do a ton of work in a deck like this that's all about dictating tempo. I think it may be superior to Macrophage at stuffing an early medium and it has the added benefit of taxing basically every runner (unless they have nothing installed). The on access trigger is just another nice touch.

I think you could probably cut a copy of Jeeves and go up to 10 ICE total which should help you to draw one in your opening hand. I would probably add a Tollbooth because its a nice hard stop and it rezzes pretty cheap with a Mumba Temple or two on the board.