"Oh wauw, Mti...." (Dome_con Winner)

TugtetguT 2006

Took this version, that is pretty much the 'standard' Mti glacier now, to Dome_con and went undefeated. Mti is ridiculous and lets you get away with ridiculous things thus taking the ridiculousness to new heights.

The one and only spice is the 1-off Sadaka which was included to snipe some high value shaper resources - especially Net Mercur out of Smoke. I drew said Sadaka two times during the course of the tournament and trashed 2 Net Mercur. Top. strats.

Community events are the very best to attend and Dome_con, or Double-Play Berlin as it's officially called, was no exception to that.

11 Feb 2019 BizTheDad

Congrats on the win!

11 Feb 2019 aermet69

Well done mate. :) Should have posted on the runner deck, as I hate MTI :)

13 Feb 2019 TugtetguT

@BizTheDad Thanks! :)

@aermet69 Heh I reallly like playing glacier, but I agree that its way too powerful!

13 Feb 2019 Slowriffs

Congrats! Whenever I see your lists with 3 SSLs I feel like it seems almost suicidal, I'd be terrified of every random access so I'm always on 3 TFP. How come this is working out for you?? :D

19 Feb 2019 TugtetguT

@SlowriffsICE and money goes a long way to secure your servers, TFP did save my life in one game though :-)