Deal Val

emilyspine 1406

"This deck is an exciting mix of sensible conformity and wild experimentation" -- Chris Dyer, 2016 World Champion and hippo fan

2-3 at Aldershot SC (lost to Outfit, Argus, Mti, won against Sportsmetal and Mti)

  • Peace in Our Time was a terrible choice, both times I played it my opponent played an IPO next turn. Although I did get the classic game loss opening hand of Peace and Dirty Laundry in one game.

  • Data Dealer is there for Sports and anyone doing Shi kyu/news team shenanigans.

  • I cut the Mining Accidents as I was expecting a lot of Outfit/Argus where they are pretty dead #slotsm8

  • I meant to swap 1 Datasucker for an Ice Carver as I kept injecting them or getting locked out but forgot until I was on the train.

  • Hunting Grounds is there to deal with IP block and Data Ravens

  • I'm really tempted to cut the Earthrise Hotels and something else for some Street Peddlers

  • Hippos are great and I might also put in some cutlery

  • RDI is great because R&D lock is good