Apoc Swift Talker - 3rd place - CoL Worlds 2019

Davo 48

So I wanted to say YOLO to COL and finally play Liza at a top event. It was a lot of fun.

Except...Round one I got paired against Argus.

After about a 10 minute delay after forgetting to sleeve up a DDos in my drunken state the night before, I tentatively played out and was quickly killed by them. I then managed to get swept as my usually trusty Outfit deck decided to flood me then be apoc'd.

Rounds 2, 3 and 4 were much nicer. 3 entirely different styles of Sports Deck. I won twice and had a really unfortunate draw against another, stealing 7 agendas including 2 Domestic Sleepers and adding a Freedom Through Equality.

Round 5 I faced a 6 agenda Azmari deck and despite getting to 6 points i couldn't close the game out before they could. The number of access i had and hit nothing was incredible.

The list stems from a list popularised by RoRo - although when i saw Swift, i knew i had to add it. I decided to add a cheeky DDos and drop a paperclip as you can install it click one and still Apoc in the same turn if you play a run event on a central.

There were times when i was just having to bin useful cards because i'd be locked out and too many run events in hand. Fortunately you often get an early turtle which makes it all much easier. Not sure if the bankroll is necessary or if i'd just swap out some of the run events that give you money, This deck can get stupid rich but if you get locked out early on then you can end up trying to dig for breakers while you bin your money. Having said that, you can often bounce back from being poor very quickly, especially since you have 5 clicks for most turns.

Freedom was great to add with Stargate,

Installing a same old thing then popping it to use a Falsified or DoF is fun. No point leaving it installed as its just asking to get trashed.

Planned assault was just there to give you that extra freedom to run something you need. - No Embezzle in hand? No Problem. No DoF? No problem. That, combined with SoT was nice to control the pace from the corp.

Legwork into Embezzle is great.

If I were to make changes i'd think about dropping SoT, Ddos and planned assault I would add the 3rd Embezzle, another paperclip, and 3 other crim cards that are good - maybe just up Legwork, Special Order and Inside Job up to 3.