Sports semi-combo(13-2 last 3 tournaments)

Diomedes 121

3-1 at iberian lockdown 1, 4-1 in the net quarantine tournament, 6-0 and a title at the Indianapolis GNK.

Plan is to rush/FA as hard as possible. The deck is not really going to combo out like traditional sports combo, but many games are won by using game changer to score a vacheron or by scoring a couple 1 or 2 pointers(usually with some help from team sponsorship or arella).

Agendas: Install some naked hyperloops, magaprix, and the future is now. If they steal them great, if not you can score them later or when they would trigger a team sponsorship. Score every Vitruvius and Megaprix(ideally after one has been stolen) you find either by fast advancing it or by rushing it out behind a gearcheck early.

Assets: Try to put AAL behind ice if you can so you can throw out a Rashida or a FA tool at the end of their turn. Nice team sponsorship target if you are broke as well. 1 Bass is in here because I wanted one more installable FA card, and it has been pretty great so far.

Operations: Initially had 1 restore and 1 archived memories, but they sat in my hand a lot not doing much so cut them. Red level is amazing, typically the Install and gain click modes are used but its nice having such a versatile card. Game changer ends most games. Very expensive and is only good late game though so I like just having 2.

Upgrades: Arella to help you go super fast and combo out a couple agendas, breaker bay to make everything free, and cali testing to fast advance and combo.

Ice: The ice suite feels pretty great. Anything into vanilla on a remote is pretty damn hard to get into for the first few turns. There's not a ton of ice, but they deck ends up drawing quite a few cards so its not a big deal. And really you just want an ice for hq and 2 for the remote until they put some form of RnD pressure down.

Overall the deck has felt pretty good in every matchup. Against lock shapers you just rush and win before they are set up. Leela is difficult, but it feels about 50/50. Anarch can be tricky because many are packing hacktivist, wanton, apoc, and stargate in some combination but they too can have a very hard time keeping up if you just try to aggressively score before they find their breakers.