Comrades Val w/ CtM Tech (3rd @ 2018 Richmond SC)

JDC_Wolfpack 113

For ABR.

Shell is Comrades Val, dropping 2 Mercs for 1x Wanton Destruction and 1x Slums.

The deck went 2-3 on the day. I beat out Helheim CI and luck-sacked against a BoN FA/Rush deck in the cut. Lost to Skorp Rush, the same BoN in swiss, and @Strube's CtM in Loser's finals in an amazing game. Turns out this deck has a hard time when you don't draw your breakers against Weyland rush.

Against @strube I managed to get an early Slums and Aumakua along with sufficient econ and 2x Mining accident for BP. I was in control of the game until I knifed an IP block 2nd click while already tagged from a previous IP block run. I could safely clear 2 tags and knifed in, but failed to remember knifed would trigger CtM giving me a 3rd tag that I couldn't safely clear. @strube capitalized on this trashing my slums, EoI'd his cat for my Beale, and then dropped a Beale in a remote I couldn't contest for the win. Exceptionally well played on his part. This was probably my 2nd favorite game of the day beat only by our 1st round cut game where I was CtM vs his Hayley.