Champagne Supernova (3rd Brighton SC)

rojazu 1339

This is the Blue Sun deck i took to Brighton paired with my Andy Powertap deck. It went 3-3 on the day winning against Nexus Kate, Temujin Whiz and Chaos Dyper with all 3 losses to @lpoulter playing Powertap Andy.

This deck is an absolute beast and im really happy with the new ICE thats come out I think it really pushes Weyland in the right direction. I also thought this should have a favourable matchup vs Andy but against the strongest players who know all of your outs its quite tough. Having the 2 mills and not seeing val all day was annoying, and too beat Andy they probably need to be something else like crisiums. This is the problem corps face right now - being split in different directions between Val, Whiz and Andy. If anyone solves it please do let me know.

Enjoy the deck, its quite fun and robust.

18 Dec 2016 mohaymen

Is mausolus ever advanced ?

18 Dec 2016 rojazu

I did advance it against Andy because she was profiting from powertap/castle to clear it; and I would advance it if I sniped the code gate breaker. Generally I think its not worth it, what it does for 4 cost is great already.

19 Dec 2016 mohaymen

I've been testing this deck and it seems solid, but i was wondering why you have 3xoaktown and 1xsales team and not the other way round. Sales team gets you more money and is not public.

19 Dec 2016 rojazu

Oaktown nets you 4 immediately, whilst Sales team nets you 6 but drips them over 5 turns (in fact you don’t breakeven until 2 turns have elapsed once you score it). Oaktown can also be scored as a 5/3 in which case its netting the same as CST, but all upfront, and with no requirement to have the advancement requirement in the bank before you advance it. Oaktown can also be over-advanced where it turns into a cash machine, and my favourite, installed naked on the table to taunt the runner that you have midseasons and an unassailable credit advantage.

19 Dec 2016 ZiNOS

Is Sapper worth the include or not? What MU is it used mainly against?

19 Dec 2016 rojazu

Sapper was a fantastic include – im super happy with it. It sniped mediums all day, and caused Andy’s single mongoose rig a real headache. Its an excellent way to protect the OAI CW/Janus play. Its also super taxing for any sentry breaker that’s not mimic/femme/faust – 3 for mongoose/MKUltra, 4 for shrike/golden, 2 stealth for switchblade, 1 stealth + 1 cr for dagger.

Oddly, Mausolos was the ICE I was least happy with – mainly because I felt it did nothing vs Andy (who was happy for me to have a glorified popup that did a net damage, because they had powertaps/castle) and did nothing once Anarchs go tagme (although perhaps Im being harsh as the net damage did snipe an IHW which setup a double boom kill over two turns). However, for the cost, it is a perfectly reasonable effect.

20 Dec 2016 grueble

I've definitely like Mausolus most in decks that are running more tag-punishment for single tags. Mausolus will almost never set up a BOOM!, but it can open a window for a Scorched or a Closed Accounts. But yeah it is free money against Castle + Power Tap...

20 Dec 2016 rojazu

Yes its probably not quite right for Blue Sun, but regardless Weyland is getting some serious ICE options - this is just the beginning. Excited for Tithonium, Veritas, Hortum, Bloodletter & Watchtower and whatever else is coming in Red Sands