Heinlein Lockdown

PenguinToast 9

This deck is built around Mason Bellamy and Heinlein Grid. We need to be able to punish the runner running last click since Heinlein Grid can't fire if they do so, so we tag them with either Data Raven or Prisec, then punish with either Closed Accounts or The All-Seeing I. NGO Front has been useful only for money thus far, as we don't really care about baiting runs.

Agenda Suite

  • 3x Ikawah Project - Great at protecting itself, especially with an Enhanced Login Protocol up or in a server with a Strongbox on it.
  • 3x Project Vitruvius - I've found that never-advancing this is often better than over-advancing this, since there aren't really any critical cards that you'd want to get back from archives. The only time when I've found counters on this useful are when I have or will have agendas in archives; then the counters are great for saving them.
  • 1x Corporate Sales Team - A solid money-making agenda.
  • 1x SSL Endorsement - This is a good agenda; probably the best one to throw into archives if you're flooded.


  • 2x Bryan Stinson - This is a really good card. I've been able to semi-consistently fire it, and when it does fire, you pretty much never need to worry about credits for the rest of the game.
  • 2x Prisec - This is probably the most consistent way of landing tags; it's more or less impossible to stick a tag with Data Raven if the runner knows it's there. Even if you can't get the runner to run last click on this, it's still a decent 3 credit tax on them that they probably weren't expecting. This is great to slap on R&D to deter pokes at it, and great in the remote to punish the runner trying to clear out your precious upgrades.
  • 2x Strongbox - Honestly probably the best upgrade here; if I were to cut any other card I'd want to go up to 3x Strongbox. It makes a lot of your scores nearly guaranteed, especially if you stack these together, with Ikawah Project, or with an Enhanced Login Protocol up.



We want ETRs to pull off the Mason Bellamy/Heinlein Grid combo and make an impenetrable server, so that's what most of the ice is geared towards.

  • 3x Fairchild 3.0 - Great on centrals to deter poking, sometimes good on the remote if you don't draw any other ice.
  • 2x Turing - Brutal against decks with AI breakers.
  • 2x Data Raven - I almost always put one on HQ and one on R&D, since once the runner sees this, they pretty much never run centrals until they can get a game-winning multiaccess off it. Hopefully, you've won by then, or if they whiff the run, you can hit them with closed accounts and set them back a ton.

The threat of Mason Bellamy/Heinlein Grid has done much more work than Heinlein Grid itself; I've never been able to fire it off. It does make the runner pretty reluctant to run your remote with 3-4 upgrades stacked in it, though. Honestly, I think this deck would be better off with Heinlein Grid as something else, but then how will I ever live the dream?

I think this list needs more ice, but I'm not sure what I'd cut for it - I'd want at least one more Enigma, and maybe another Data Raven.