I Got Market Forces 7 Times On Stream, AMA (4th APAC)

Jai 1324

Beat Jinteki PE, Jinteki RH, lost to R+ in swiss

Beat Odol's AgInf, lost to iceprisma's R+ in cut

Corp was 40 card Neurospike Azmari

Boomerang is great for contesting turn 1 Rashidas/Dragos... as long as the ice isn't Funhouse

Only 1 Liberated Account, corps are tempoing you out a lot in this meta and you can't afford to sit around and click for 16 more than once in a game. Multiple times in testing I found myself ending games with 20+ creds on unused Libs (you still install them to get Patchwork value)

Stoneship Chart Rooms were originally Pinhole Threadings, but I decided to tech vs BOOM instead. Didn't end up seeing one the whole event. Alternatives are Diesel + second Liberated, Hunting Grounds + something. I'd probably still go with 2x Pinhole, having max ways to deal with Rashida/Drago is essential

DreamNet is amazing, that+ID is Wyldside Chronotype all over again, and Patchwork a) directly turns cards into money and b) lets you drop duplicates. Don't go below 3 copies

Steelskin Scarring is the other reason to run Patchwork, amazing tempo when you draw 2 clickless. If you have Patchwork out, don't overdraw your breakers unless you're digging for something, cards=money in this deck. You can even trash a breaker to pay for Dirty Laundry for maximum surprise factor on a 1st click run

You might be tempted to swap Stargate for The Twinning and play Multithreader/companions or whatever, don't do it, your breakers are garbo vs real ice, you need actual disruption and a real game-ending threat

Don't get Market Forces 7 times like I did

ABR kiddos

Jai out

21 Aug 2022 tstack

I've been looking for a good non-freedom anarch in this meta and this deck is awesome. Super fun to play. Thanks for the list and congrats on the result!

18 Sep 2022 Karido

Are there any gameplay replays of this deck?