blindidiotgod 125

Classic Val shell, stolen mercilessly from @Inactivist most winnerist deck. Ended up 7th at NZ Nats 2017

It does the Anarch things, practiced strong against Those Titan Decks That Went Too fast, but not a lot of practice elsewhere: Jua + Wraparound is a heck of combo to dunk on Inject'd conspiracy breakers. Employee Strike: always good. Ice Carver always makes its install cost back. Deuces Wild is a solid card, more draw, tag removal, Aumakua powering, it does a little bit of everything.

Imp could probably be cut after not doing a lot of work during the day, mostly hitting econ cards that stopped Aumakua from getting a token.

It won two games in a 5 round swiss, flailed and spluttered to a stop in the cut. Probably a piloting error more than a lack of tech however, this Val deck does good things. It's early game aggression and long-term money making and bad pub generation keeps it in the long game.

9 Apr 2018 Matt500

it's val. with a 1x turntable because GOTTEM.

For your bearded face though GG and a WELL PLAYED sir.