AFS 3.0 (Binbirb) 4th MK SC

emilyspine 1406

4th place at the Milton Keynes 16 person SC. Shapers gonna shape.

Since rotation @rotage (Dave Saiya) and I have been trying to rebuild AFS, our list focused on Deep Data Mining and efficient breakers. The restricted list and loss of Faust made this difficult but some shifts in the meta plus the sweet combo of Kongamato and Grappling Hook has re-enabled it.

This deck has gone through many iterations. Dave originally sent me a mad breakerless shaper list that used DDoS, Grappling Hook and Kongamato (and probably had some nonsense like The Price of Freedom/Film Critic combo. I took out the nonsense, kept the hook/binbirb combo andput it into Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker. We tested Dirty Laundry, Peace in Our Time, Data Folding, and Career Fair as part of the economy package and Laguna Velasco District was in the list for a long time until we compromised on Professional Contacts #wheresmytempo.

The game plan is fairly simple but also flexible: set up so you can go Deep Data Mining early and often, using hooks and binbirbs if you don't have your breakers out or can't quite afford the ice. This also means you can stop a corp from rushing as Kongamato will break any single sub ice and Grappling Hook will deal with most multi sub ice for you. Once you're set up you can break FC3 for a mere 4 credits.

Peace in our Time can help you recover from the tempo loss of installing Proco and also bounce back quickly from a big sea source/closed, Economic Warfare or Reversed Accounts, and fits the deck well as you don't want to run every turn.

Tech cards are:

  • On the Lam because I was expecting both CtM and SYNC (and indeed played 4 games against NBN) and it goes well with the 3 SOT. It also kept me alive against Guy's Inazuma/Brainstorm/Neural kill combo.

  • Interdiction to annoy people playing NGO Front, deal with upgrade spam and anything annoying like Crisium Grid or Mason Bellamy and another way to clear a spookytown

  • Film Critic is our answer to Skorp (turning off Hunter Seeker), and can also help against NBN players who want to exchange back their GFIs or click back a 15 Minutes. It's also fun to put a SSL Endorsement on there denying the corp 9 credits (and getting a wheel counter in the process)

Thanks to @rotage for the deck inspiration and moral support on the way to my first SC mat, and thanks to Johno for the lift and the post-sweep pep talk after round 2.

Lost twice to Johno's ctm despite sick anti-tag tech and once to Rufus's Aginrusion.

19 Feb 2018 rotage

No probably about it, I did have lots of nonsense in there originally

Congrats on the result :)

20 Feb 2018 Klopstock

The decklist looks really cool. But am I wrong in assuming that it has major issues against Skorpios and Brain Rewiring CI? You have only two main Breakers, should one of them get Battied or trashed in another way against Skorpios (which can happen quite fast without Sacrificial Constructs, I guess), I assume you are in deep trouble. Or do Kongamato and Grappling Hook patch up this (perceived) weakness enough to do well? And against Rewiring CI? You can get through Mother Goddess with Kongamato and through Loki with Konga or Grappling Hook, but only six times (and that assumes you find all copies before they kill you, which is highly unlikely). And without a way to stop Fast Advance or protect yourself from the kill, I am unsure whether you can match their pace.

Don't take this as too harsh though, the list looks cool and I am just interested in the different matchups :)

20 Feb 2018 emilyspine

@Klopstockthere has been a massive decline in brain rewiring CI here so we didn't test against it as it was not a huge concern. I would guess the matchup isn't great if you don't draw On the Lam and enough Kongamatos.

Skorpios' ability doesn't really affect the deck as the only thing you can recur are events (although losing DDMs and On the Lam could be bad depending on the deck). Batty on a trash program subroutine would be tricky but we have redundancy in the hooks and birds. Where you suspect Batty my game plan would involve some combination of Interdiction and running with as little installed as possible.

25 Feb 2018 hnautsch

This looked like a fun deck, so I took it to the Malmö SC, together with a CtM deck. Went 2-2 and missed the cut by SoS. Beat Skorpios and Titan FA, lost to PE and CI moonies. Both losses were timed losses. I should probably have practiced for more than two games before the tournament, but that's how I usually roll.

Again, fun deck to play!

1 Mar 2018 rumirumirumirumi

Are there any cuts you would make to fit in Gbahali once it's released?