Boom Daddy version 600 or something

themeanlady 342

Protip: Don't completely change your deck at 11 pm the night before the event

Another protip: There's a second line of text on citadel

I was expecting a lot of AI, and I didn't face any haha. Drop the IPs and Orion for Chiyashi and 2 barriers (or enigmas) of your choice. Other than that the deck worked really well. I'm paranoid about estrike, hence the 2 hostiles and scarcitys. Best def will always be better in this kind of deck instead of hunter seeker IMO.

MCA/HHN + judge is hilarious. I used to run 2 illegal arms instead, but it was kind of boring.

Finished 4th in CO 2017 Regional. All wins were kills! :scorch:

17 Jul 2017 greyfield

I was standing behind Alexis the moment the Citadel Sanctuary episode occurred, and wish I'd recorded my mental screams for posterity.

17 Jul 2017 themeanlady

Hey now

I was exhausted after all of our collusion

20 Jul 2017 Ulkrond

Good work.